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for some actions, it is handy to be able to turn off the firewall of Windows. So this just works, you set up a desktop icon for it.

To turn off the firewall via a desktop shortcut from

  1. with the right mouse button, click an empty space on the desktop and select new – link .
  2. In the input box, enter this command: click on next netsh firewall set opmode disable
  3. and choose a descriptive name for the shortcut, such as “Turn off the firewall”.

    Namen der Verknüpfung wählen
    The shortcut, type an appropriate name.

  4. Close the dialog with finished turn off.
  5. Click on the newly created shortcut with the right mouse button and go to properties .
  6. The link needs special rights. That’s why click the button advanced and select run as Administrator .

    Als Administrator ausführen
    The link must run in administrator mode.

  7. Because the default icon is quite inappropriate, remain in the properties and click another icon to .
  8. Select there a more fitting icon itself, how about the off switch.
  9. You call the link to try out. It should be the well-known admin demand appear and after the confirmation is the warning that the firewall is disabled.

    Meldung Firewall deaktiviert
    This message appears after you run the shortcut.

Turn on the firewall by link

  1. create a copy of the icons of turn off, for example in which you highlight the icon and then press [Strg + C] and [Strg + V] .
  2. Go to the the new shortcut properties.
  3. Change the last keyword in the command line by disable to enable .
  4. Customize the name and possibly on the icon.

    Firewall Symbole
    The two established links with appropriate symbols.

When you may need this switch

turn the firewall over long period of time makes no sense. With this link you can try but for example for communication problems with an application, whether it is located on the firewall.

If so a program about it complain that it can establish a connection with its server or fail certain cloud features, you can just take out the firewall this switch and again test the function.

The test is completed, you should boot then back the protective shield for your PC.

Of course, if the problems with disabled firewall is gone, you have to find out how to in the firewall to allow access for the specific form of communication. To do this, either the manual or the support page of the manufacturer under the search term “Firewall” should provide information.

Do you want to visualize the streams of your computer on the Internet? Then continue reading here: so let represent the traffic to .

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