Delete iPhone apps over time a lot of…

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Delete iPhone apps over time, a lot of apps collect on the iPhone. Among them are some that you no longer need. These apps need space and unnecessarily filling the iPhone screen. Why so delete not the superfluous iPhone apps?


iPhone apps – here of

  1. how to touch you a few seconds the program icon with your finger.
  2. then an X will appear at all app icons in the upper-left corner and the icons wiggle.
  3. now touch the X on the app that you want to remove.
  4. then appears a warning message, you still need to confirm by tapping delete once.
Warnung vor dem Löschen einer iPhone App
to the tapping of the small X over the icon a warning will appear.

Then the app from the screen disappears – any data stored by the app will be deleted usually with.

read more here, if you want to stop one only app.

apps via iTunes delete

leads the second way to delete apps via iTunes.

Symbol für iPhone in iTunes Menüleiste
the iPhone apps to see you click on the small icon in the menu bar.
  1. Start iTunes.
  2. – if not done yet – connect your iPhone to the computer.
  3. click right below the play button on the icon for your iPhone.
  4. click the following to apps .
  5. then see images in your iPhone screens in the right part of the window under home screens.
  6. double click on the screen, from which you want to remove an app.
  7. you move the mouse pointer over the app that you want to delete.
  8. X

  9. links above the icon appears – click on it.
  10. so that the app will be removed.
  11. then click right below apply to in the iTunes window. iTunes then resynchronized the iPhone and it deletes the no longer desired applications.

Tip: you can download all the apps out again from the app store.

If you want to thoroughly clean up your iPhone, it is advisable to create a backup before deleting many apps. In this way, you can quickly restore the contents of your iPhone without having to download the apps individually.

iPhone Apps löschen von iTunes aus
on iTunes you can see representations of your iPhone’s home screens. Here you can uninstall apps.

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