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cookies are small files of Firefox and chrome

, the operators of Internet sites when you save again later to retrieve certain information. These cookies are generally harmless and increase comfort when operating a website. However, should you delete your cookies from time to time even.

but please note: often stored user names or other important data stored in the cookies. So, it may be that you need to re-enter a lot, if you the next time you visit your favorite Web sites.

Google chrome:

delete cookies to remove cookies in Google chrome, proceed as follows:

  1. click on the three points right next to the address bar to open the menu.
  2. choose Show and then advanced settings .
  3. click delete data protection to browser.
  4. select the following during this period delete the value entire period .
  5. make sure that only cookies and other site and plugin data is enabled.
  6. click on browser delete .

so the cookies removed chrome.

read here, how you export simply bookmarks (bookmarks) from chrome can.

Cookies löschen in Google Chrome
you make sure to delete the cookies in Google chrome over the entire period.


delete cookies when the browser Firefox, remove cookies as follows:

  1. click on the Hamburger menu (the three superimposed lines) right next to the address bar.
  2. select – privacy policy .
  3. click Pecific on e cookies now below by Chronicle.
  4. as next follows a click on delete all cookies.

so that the cookies from the Firefox browser are removed. Do you want maybe delete the stored passwords from Firefox ?

Firefox Cookies löschen
in Firefox you can delete easily individual cookies or all in one shot.

Internet Explorer: Delete cookies

  1. click the little gear on the top right in the browser window. Alternatively, you use the keyboard shortcut [Alt -X] .
  2. as select next from the menu the entry security – browsing history delete .
  3. now appears a window to delete virtually all data stored by the browser.
  4. to delete only the cookies, remove the check mark from all options. Only the entry remains active cookies and site data .
  5. delete click then with disappearing cookies.

you will find individual cookies in Internet Explorer .

Nur Cookies und Websitedaten aktiviert lassen
only cookies and site data enabled allow

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