Customize the menu link fast in Windows 8 and 10 [Full Guide]

11:25 pm October 24, 20166807LATEST GUIDE

the menu Windows 8 and 10 fast link is without doubt one of the shortcuts I use most on the operating system of Microsoft. Accessible by simultaneously pressing the keys Windows + X keyboard, the menu quick link allows access to the the most useful features for managing its system: programs and features, device, disk, command prompt management Manager… But I thought it would be even more convenient if we could y add our own shortcuts! Well, I discovered that it was indeed possible and he was of course that I’m speaking to the faster 🙂 in this tutorial, I’ll show you how it is possible to add, edit or delete from the shortcuts in menu link fast in Windows 8 and 10 !

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Yes… it’s just a menu what!

unhappy! For those of you who are not yet convinced of the usefulness of the menu link quick , an example of its use will convince you right away and make you use this menu at least once a day 🙂 to open the prompt for example, you just have to press the keys Windows + X the keyboard then press the C. and the command prompt will open. Because what I didn’t tell you is that each shortcut of the menu link quick has a shortcut key that allows you to run faster than with the mouse cursor. Look at the underlined letter in the name of the shortcut that you want to use. To access the devices Manager, for example, do Windows + X and G !


the menu link quick

before I show you how Add, edit or delete shortcuts in the quick link menu, note that last is divided into groups. Basic, there are three groups in the menu link quick , the first being the one that is lowest:


groups of the menu link quick

to edit the shortcuts in the link quick menu, we will use the software Win + X Menu Editor that provides a simple interface to add Edit, and delete all shortcuts very easily. We could do this manually by adding our own shortcuts in the folder %LocalAppData%MicrosoftWindowsWinX but I find much more convenient software 🙂

download Win + X Menu Editor by clicking on the link below:

download Win + X Menu Editor (cliquez en bas de la page sur «Download Win+X Menu Editor […]»)

unzip archive , open the folder that corresponds to the type of system you have (x 86 for 32-bit, x 64 for 64-bit system) and double-click on the file WinXEditor.exe to open the software.


Win + X Menu Editor is really simple to use. The interface displays the different groups of the quick link menu and shortcuts that they contain. You just customize it at your leisure! Remember that you can restore the default settings by clicking on the button Restore defaults at the top right.


you can customize the link quick menu as you wish with different options:

  • Add a program, a part of the Control Panel, a part of administrative tools or one of the presets (Paint, calculator, Services…)
  • create a new group
  • set the position of a shortcut (with the arrows on the right)

for example, I’ll add a short cut for the Revo Uninstaller software in a new group. I click on the Create a group button to create a new group, and then select Add a program > Add a program .


I walk the folders until you reach software Revo Uninstaller executable ( RevoUnin.exe in the screenshot below). I selects it and then click on the button open .


I name the shortcut that I am creating. Logically, I put the name of the software, you can put whatever you want.


once you are satisfied with your changes, click on the button Restart explore to restart Windows Explorer. It is necessary to restart so that the changes you have made are taken into account.


a p’ little help Windows + X to check my Revo Uninstaller shortcut is present.


beautiful! 🙂

you can also right click directly in the tree view to access all the features of the software.


the only flaw I can blame (which is not due to the software) is that it is impossible of set a keyboard shortcut to our own shortcuts. I’d like to assign the key N to my shortcut to Revo Uninstaller, this would have allowed me to throw in two keys 😉

that’s all for today, I hope that this little trick will be useful or that it will have you at least learned the existence of this handy menu link quick 🙂