Create and manage

4:53 am January 23, 201715294

group chat in WhatsApp would like to how to create groups for Android smartphones WhatsApp and managed in this post, show you. This practical extra is very popular, especially at Club level or in professional environments. But even in a private setting with common interests, a common way. Like almost everything at WhatApp, it is very quickly done.

    create a new group

  • first you should tap the ‘three points ‘icon”in the upper right corner to open the menu. Then select “New group”.

  • now you can set the participants. You have to scroll the ability through your contacts or to locate a person in the top bar. If you want to have a selected contact but not with on board, just press the small ‘x’ in its icon.

  • you’re almost at the finish, lacking only the name for your first group. After you’ve titled your group, click on the green “check mark” icon to complete the process.