Create a domain AD with Windows Server 2016 [Quick Guide]

4:03 am March 8, 201714707

I. introduction

following the release of Windows Server 2016, I installed a Active Directory to see if the installation process was changed from Windows Server 2012 R2. The answer is no, but I still took the opportunity to make you a tutorial, if it helps you 🙂

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II. WS 2016: Create a domain Active Directory

before you create a new domain and promote our server in domain controller, you must install the “ADDS” role, that’s what we will do immediately. Open Server Manager, and then click on “Manage”, then “Add roles and features”.


We pass step “before you begin” and then continues by leaving the type of installation on the choice of basis.


We install the ADDS only on this server, we just leave the default choice here again and move on.


The crucial step of the installation of the role is here, since we have to in the check list “ Services AD DS” and also post when the wizard to install the management tools. Who says management tools, said administration as “Users and computers Active Directory” console but also the module PowerShell for Active Directory.


We do not and more features install, so continue without selecting anything.


Now, a message is integrated into the Wizard about Active Directory with Azure Active Directory synchronization, penchant in the Cloud Microsoft.


Click on “Install” to start the installation, which may take a few minutes.


Click “Close” when this is over and we will go as a result of the configuration.


Since Windows Server 2012, the famous dcpromo command no longer exists and gives way to a message in the Server Manager that allows to promote the server as a domain controller. Like this:


as it is a new domain in a new forest, we choose “Add a new forest” and it indicates the domain name. If you are using a no of domain such as “it – connect.local” it is not routable, which can pose problems for the use of certain services. I am thinking of Azure AD Connect to synchronize its local AD with Office 365, but there are solutions (an alias on the UPN suffix, for example).


For the level works the forest and the domain, enter “Windows Server 2016” but this means that your domain controllers must run mandatory Windows Server 2016 or a future version. Also define it as a DNS server and global catalog. Finally, enter a password for the restoration of the directory.


As this is a new DNS server to a new area, you don’t have to worry about this message, you can continue.


Specify a NETBIOS name for the domain, namely a short name and that does not rely on DNS to be resolved.


Default paths and continue.


Check out the options and continue.


Finish by clicking on install to start the creation of your domain and configuration of the DC.


Once the installation is complete, you can start using your Active Directory domain, especially with the console users and computers Active Directory that is used to manage objects in the directory (users, computers, servers, etc.).


This tutorial is finished, feel free to create a topic in our forum in case of difficulty.