Convince you of the importance of social networks [Quick Guide]

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this guest article was written by Matthew

you have a blog, a website or an online store, and you use a little social networks, without actually seeing the interest?

you’re there missing a great opportunity to build your audience for your goals, and it’s a shame!

must change, and I’ll try to convince you.

importance des réseaux sociaux

the place that brings together those that you target

social networks are ubiquitous in the daily lives of the people, as evidenced by this infographic on the hearing of the social networks in 2016

people that you’re targeting (for example as a player if you have a blog, or as a client if you have an online store) are to a lot of between – them already present on the social networks.

best as this, there are chances so that they are at least once a day.

the image of a traditional business, whose success will often depend on its location (close to the passage of my potential clients), your site must have a presence in places frequented by your potential visitors.

a potential for dissemination important

as you know, social networks are based on interconnection and relationships among their users.

one of the commonalities between all social networks is the content sharing service that allows its users to share what they like (or what they hate).

when you build you a community on social networks, and you get to publish content that are interested in your community, you have chances of your community people share content, giving you visibility with their own friends.

also the obvious interest of this effect mouth to ear (and snowball) that allows you to know more or less quickly, he should know that sharing can act in the same way as a recommendation, and is much more effective than advertising.

a way to interact with your visitors

it is not always easy to get feedback from users (feedback). Yet, it is fundamental to improve your website and its performance. Never forget that you don’t have the same vision of your site that your visitors. And it is their view that premium because your site is done for them.

social networks are tools that people will naturally move when they need to give an opinion, ask a question, or simply leave a comment. Go on Facebook or Twitter will be much more natural than heading to your contact page.

comments and private messages on social networks (and mainly on Facebook and Twitter) include the opportunity of re – keep unhappy customers (who would never complain without social media, merely not to come home), providing them with an explanation, or a solution to their discontent.

fun, invent new things

social networks are very dynamic media on which everything goes very fast. This allows to test new things in terms of communication, without real risk.

take the example of a newsletter, which is sent once you can no longer return top and if it is missed (for example because of content not sufficiently explicit or attractive), this can have serious consequences.

indeed it is for example not about sending a second newsletter in the wake to put things right.

Conversely, on the social networks you can afford to test new forms of communication (new tone, new types of visuals, etc.) because if a publication for success this will be very beneficial (and you can decline the concept), but if it does not it will no particular consequence since it will soon be “buried” by the following.

in addition, all the major social networks provide relatively comprehensive statistics that allow you to measure the impact of each publication.


I hope that after reading this article you ask more if you’d better drop the social networks as part of your communication. And that on the contrary you are about to you rush on your Facebook page to make it more attractive.

you understood, social networks have become real additions to the search engines and the usual modes of advertising broadcasts.

and in the same way that you would not you from Google for your traffic, it seems very risky to dispense with the capabilities of social networks in terms of communication in the broadest sense.

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