Convert a video (mp4, avi, flv…) with Free Video Converter

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it’s always the same story with the videos! They are never in the right format or do not have the right encoding so that you can read them on your digital device, be it a smartphone, a multimedia hard drive or a router. The solution for this problem? must convert your videos with a video conversion software! To help you, I suggest a little tutorial that will teach you to convert video very simply using Free Video Converter .

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(merci pour le coup de pince)

Free Video Converter to FreeMake is a completely video conversion software free . This is for me the software n ° 1 for convert videos to mp4, avi


here is the main features of the software, they should convince you of the power of Free Video Converter :

  • supports not less than 250 video formats
  • helps convert videos to MP4 , AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3…
  • includes a Youtube converter : thanks to an extension that installs in your browser, you can download and convert Youtube videos to the formats MP4, AVI, MP3…
  • compatible with all digital devices: Apple, Android, Xbox…
  • helps convert video with subtitles
  • and even full of other features 🙂

it’s okay, you convinced me the crab! Show me how to use this little jewel! ^^

I was sure! 😀 First download and then install the software from the link below.

download Free Video Converter

run Free Video Converter . Here is the interface of the software. It is very intuitive and you’ll see that convert videos is a breeze 🙂


convert video to MP4, AVI, MP3…

the first thing to do is to choose the type of element you want convert : one video , an audio file (MP3, FLAC, WAV…), a DVD, a photo, or a URL (link to a Youtube video for example).


to illustrate the tutorial, I’m going converting a video into mp4 . To do this, I select my video by clicking on the button + Video at the top of the interface.

my video is then displayed in the interface Free Video Converter . You can add as many items to convert as you want.


you can edit your video with the built-in Editor by clicking on the button to the right of the video.


you can rotate or cut off parts of the video . Confirm your changes by clicking on OK .


back to the video conversion. Select the format in which you want convert your video by clicking one of the buttons at the bottom of the interface.

you can scroll through the list of formats by using the left and right arrows. You’re spoilt for choice! You can convert videos to MP4, AVI and even in MP3 ! Yes, you can converting a video to MP3 thanks to Free Video Converter and is not bad 🙂 there are also a whole bunch of format compatible with your digital devices: Android , Samsung, Blackberry…


I take the example of my video I want convert to MP4 , I click on the button to MP4 .

in the new window that appears, select the your video profile. This corresponds in fact to choose the video quality based on the type of device on which you can read.

I advise you to leave same as source to avoid degrading your video, unless you know exactly what you want to do 🙂 Interestingly, for example to choose Mobile Quality If you want to compress the video size to the maximum to be able to put it on a mobile phone. That goes without saying but more you choose high quality ( HD 1080 p or HD720p ), the larger your video will be, and conversely 😉


choose the directory where is saved the video then the encoding : 1 or 2 passes. 2-pass encoding allows to have a better video but conversion takes 2 times longer that 1 encoding passes. Logic 😀

you can also set the maximum size that can take video. Leave car for the software itself to a compromise between quality and size of the video.

click on the button Converter to start the video conversion.


Free Video Converter converts videos you have added in the interface later.


Oh, converting your video is complete! : ok:


I’ve not lied to you: with Free Video Converter convert its videos is really a breeze! You can see now that convert flash video (Youtube, Dailymotion…) is just as much! 🙂

convert Youtube to MP3, MP4, AVI video…

to download and convert a Youtube video in the right format in order to play it on my digital camera, what a pain!

it must first download the YouTube video by installing an extension into their web browser ( Video DownloadHelper for Firefox or FVD Video Downloader for Chrome) then install a video conversion software and finally set up this software that he properly converted video! Pheeeeew: stuff:


want to download and convert a Youtube video in a few clicks? With Free Video Converter , it is possible! 😀 Here’s how.

to download and convert flash video (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo,…) – and if you left the default options during the installation of Free Video Converter – launch your web browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

a message should normally appear informing you that an extension needs your permission to be installed. This is the Free Video Converter extension : ok:


go to the page where is your Youtube video and click on the Free Video Converter button .


the software starts and the Youtube video appears in the list of videos to convert. As earlier, click on one of the buttons below to choose your video conversion format: MP3, MP4, MPEG…


Youtube is not the only web site to be taken into account by Free Video Converter . The extension work also with plenty other sites that broadcast videos in flash like Dailymotion, Vimeo and also a bit more naughty sites 😉


the last word

Free Video Converter is not the only software that allows you to convert video in any format. But if you are a beginner or if you want to go fast, it’s really the convevideo rtisseur that I recommend. Intuitive, simple, and with lots of useful features (including Youtube video converter ), is for me THE software for convert its videos !

If you know others who offer nice features, feel free to let us know in the comments: ok: