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in a Windows network each connected computer for a name. Read here how you can change the computer name.

Windows: computer name change

  1. open the Systemeigenenschaften
    • in Windows 7 click on start and then with the right button of the mouse on computer . Then select properties .
    • Windows 8 and 10 click on the desktop with the right mouse button on the start icon, and then click system .
  2. look settings for the computer name, domain, and workgroup in the window for the area.
  3. below you see the current name of your computer right next to computername . Change settings
  4. click and change then unprotect again on
  5. .

  6. then enter the new name of your PC under computername . You confirm the change by clicking on OK .
  7. now appears still an information window that indicates that you must restart the computer for the change take effect. Confirm with OK .
  8. then you restart your computer. He then reached under the new name.

computer here read like you and can find server in the Windows network.

Einen neuen Namen eingeben
a new name type

computer name in Windows XP change

  1. start and click with the right mouse button work . Select and then computer name .
  2. you enter a brief description of the computer under computer description – or annotate the computer’s location.
  3. then click Change to and enter a new name for the computer running computername .
  4. click OK and confirm the message on the restart with another click on OK and also close with a click on OK system properties.
  5. is completed, restart the computer. After that, he for my new name.
Name des Computers im Netzwerk ändern in the network change

you but bear in mind that the computer is not immediately found under my new name on the network

name of the computer. It takes a little while, until the new name on other computers for gotten around.

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