Comment on other blogs: is it still good?

1:46 am April 30, 20177151LATEST GUIDE

If you follow the blog for some time now, you know that I very often recommend to small businesses that have a website to create a blog.

it’s a great way for you to become a reference, but it is also the condition to make your website a success.

the blog allows you to improve your SEO, but also generate free traffic from Google to your main site.

seo commentaires

you want to learn step by step how I managed to generate more than 1 million visitors to my sites in 2015

you should also check out one of my older articles that will explain why you need to create a business blog.

more content on your blog = more traffic

after you create articles for your blog, the job is not finished. Indeed, you have to promote it in order to get visitors. You need backlinks (links back) for improved the authority of your site and position themselves more easily on competitive keywords.

and one of the best-known and methods the easier to achieve this is to comment on other blogs in your niche.

is a technique of acquiring backlinks and traffic for years by bloggers, but with all the updates of Google and the development of the blogosphere…

comment on other blog rest always beneficial?

a lot of marketers say that this technique is outdated, and there is more its place in a development of a blog strategy.

from my side, I tested this theory with a new domain name (in a specific niche)

I created a list of keywords for each keyword and this new site an article altogether I have published 18 articles.

arrived at the stage of promotion and creation of backlinks, I based only on comment links.

here are the rules that I follow to post comments

  • I chose a quality blog for comment (already well referenced blogs and receive any other comments)
  • contain most of the blogs that I chose the Commentluv plugin (for having a dofollow backlink)
  • blogs that I have commented are related to my niche
  • the comment is constructive and brings value to the commented article

in total, I posted a little more than 30 comments (over several days) , and the result really surprised me, I managed to me referenced on most of the chosen keywords.

in 5 months I went from 0 to 400 visitors a day with this method only.

then why many bloggers say that this technique is outdated?

on SuperMarketeur, I still get in 2017 and each day of the comments like “great article” with a link that points to a blog that begins. Of course I never accept these comments because it brings no value to the article.

and if you also noticed the other popular blog, there are less comments. People prefer now share on Twitter or Facebook rather than leave a message directly on the site.

so the method in it even still works (in taking properly) If you wish to have a secondary solution for the acquisition of backlink to your SEO strategy.

but how comments can help your site…

1. Improve visibility

people who travel to other sites in your industry may be interested in your products and your services. If you leave no link to your website, it will be very difficult to find you.

many people travel blog comments, so it’s interesting to comment on articles you read in order to promote your site and your business.

2. Establish a relationship of trust

when you comment on a blog it is important to bring a plus to the article you just read.

too many people comment on articles, but not even read one line of it. So, read the article through and contribute to its development adding a comment that will bring a plus for readers.

If your comment is quality, you may get visitors who will understand you perfectly know your activity.

3. Create relationships

Différence vente directe et MLM

comment on various blogs is a great way to create links with different authors. If your, search to find a dozen of authority blogs in this niche.

over time and your comments, you create a relationship with bloggers who will be able to create links to your site, but also offer projects.

do not neglect the relationship that can be had on the Internet. You will see that in the end, the Web is smaller than you think.

4. Referencing its website

virtually all blogs allow you to include a link to your Web site. All of these links pointing to your site go improve your SEO . This is a point that should not be overlooked in an SEO strategy.

comment on many articles takes time, so it is not always easy to do it regularly. Try add comments at least once a week in order to have a regularity in the provision of links for your site.

initially, we take time to find these blogs, but once you have found the reference sites, add them to your Favorites to find them more easily the next time you want to add comments to create links to your site.

If you have any questions feel free to leave your comment :)