CodePlex will disappear in favor of GitHub [Quick Guide]

3:36 am April 7, 201714164

after 11 years of good and loyal services , the CodePlex service will stop completely as of December 15, 2017. Microsoft had created this service for hosting Open Source projects, but today there are many competitors, including the monstrous GitHub. at the same time, the activity around CodePlex decreases and some authors of projects have already been migrated to GitHub.

Microsoft encourages users to CodePlex to migrate their project to GitHub, there was also a collaboration between the two parties to facilitate the export-import projects from one to the other.

Before being completely stopped at the end of the year, it is already impossible to create a new project on CodePlex and from October all of the projects will be read-only. will remain online afterwards (for an indefinite period) in order to access the archives of the various projects read-only.

What do you think of the judgment of CodePlex?