Clone my hard/SSD drive to another hard/SSD drive with Clonezilla

11:09 am March 28, 20177494LATEST GUIDE

the situation is this: you have a hard/SSD drive and you want to entirely copy the data from this hard/SSD drive to another hard/SSD drive . How do I? The best known method is to create an image of your first drive (= exact copy of your disk image), save this image on an external hard drive and then restore that image on your second drive . But I know what you’re going to tell me, it takes time and you want a faster way to copy your data! Well you should know that the Clonezilla program for a feature that allows you to clone ‘on the fly’ a hard/SSD drive data to a second SSD/hard! This saves significant time, especially if you have a volume of data to be copied very important! I feel you interested 😉 in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to clone data to a disc 1 to disc 2 ‘on the fly’ and with ease thanks to Clonezilla.

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install Clonezilla on USB bootable

in order:

  1. install Clonezilla on USB bootable in 5 minutes chrono;
  2. restart your PC on this same USB .

Clonezilla start menu

the start menu Clonezilla should display. Now go to Setup Clonezilla!

start and Setup Clonezilla

select Clonezilla live by pressing enter on your keyboard.

from now on everything is happening at the keyboard! You will need to highlight the option you want via the keys up (↑) and low (↓) on your keyboard then press enter to validate. If you want to cancel the current action, press the key tab (↹) and select Cancel by pressing the SPACEBAR on your keyboard.

keyboard layout and language

choose the French language: en_US. UTF-8 French | French .

select choose a keymap for your architecture .

select azerty generation of the keyboard layout.

select French .

and With Euro (latin 9) .

Finally, start Clonezilla by selecting Start Clonezilla .

cloning mode

Clonezilla offer two methods of cloning:

  • cloning disk/partition to image or image to disk/partition : allows you to create the disk image to a hard/SSD drive or restore a previously created on a SSD hard disk image.
  • cloning disk to disk or partition to partition : allows you to clone a hard/SSD drive SSD/hard disk ‘on the fly’.

the purpose of this tutorial is to clone a hard/SSD drive to another hard/SSD drive, we select device-device (disque/partition vers disque/partition) .

Clonezilla properly configured, we will finally be able to start the our hard/SSD drive to another drive hard/SSD cloning. Here we go! Select beginner mode ( Beginner ).

select disk_to_local_disk ( cloning local drive to local drive ) If you want to completely clone a local disk to another local disk . You also have the option to clone only a particular partition or clone to a remote disk.

select the disc source local, i.e. the disc which contains the data you want to copy.

then select local disk target , i.e. the disk that will receive data from the source drive. Warning, all data on the local disk target will be removed when cloning.

If you clone a disk formatted in NTFS (this is the case if your disk contains the Windows installation, or if you use the disc as storage medium in Windows), choose does not check/repair the system files source . This option only works for drives with a file system ext2/3/4 (file system used by GNU/Linux distributions).

choose the action when cloning the drive is over. You can leave the default option.

press entry to validate the disk cloning.

enter y then press entry to launch the cloning and full copying data from disk hard/SSD source to the SSD/hard target .

Clonezilla wants to be certain that you know what that you do 😛 you are prompted once ultimate confirm cloning to , warning you that all existing data on the target disk are deleted . Enter once again y then press entry to (really) to start cloning.

choose whether or not you want to clone the boot manager. If you clone a disk MBR that contains a Windows installation, it is necessary to do otherwise Windows will not start when the PC starts, after loading the BIOS. If you have a disk GPT , you can skip this step (the Boot Manager is located in the EFI to your drive partition).

drive cloning takes more or less time depending on the amount of data to copy and depending on the performance of your drives.

Finally choose if you want to stop or restart the PC, or revive Clonezilla.

and here, you’ve managed to clone your hard/SSD drive to another drive hard/SSD !