Clean and remove dust from my computer

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dust is enemy number 1 of your computer ! As soon she appeared inside the box, to get rid of quickly before it does damage your components. Indeed, a very abundant dust can slow down the speed of the fans – such as the processor or the graphics card – and damaging your components that need to be chilled at all times.

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to ensure proper operation of your system, it must be so regularly remove the dust from your PC . In a few simple steps, you will see that it is very simple to dust off my computer and thus give him a second wind! 😉

you want an example of PC (very) poorly maintained? Attention the eyes!

a abundant dust as here prevents the fans run at full speed, components are then heat and deteriorate. Your system becomes also unstable (freeze, reboot, blue screen…).

I suggest in this guide a complete method for remove any dust from your computer to avoid that your PC looks like the one above 😀

is that what you mean by full method?

why I said ‘full’: because there are a lot of tutorials that explain Internet how to get rid of dust using a brush and without removing any component. This method removes the dust in a superficial way. What I propose here is to remove components from their base and of the meticulously clean to remove the slightest speck of dust. That’s what I call a complete method! 🙂

go to the cleaning! To guide you, I’ll take the black computer I got to the dump lately.

first, remove the cover of your computer to access the components.



here’s the tools you’ll need for clean your computer :

  • a Catcher-dust cloth + brush
  • a brush
  • multi-surface cleaning a product

  • of q-tips
  • a cruciform screwdriver


clean up my computer

clean the case fans

Let’s start clean the case fans . They are often located at the rear and the front of the box and sometimes on the side. Disconnect them from the motherboard (pine SYS_FAN ) then remove them of the case with a Phillips screwdriver.

retirer-ventilateur-boitier-pin-sys-fan devisser-ventilateur-arriere-boitier

use the cloth to remove the dust of the propellers of your fans. If your fans are fat and tights (because of cigarette smoke), you can soak your cotton stalks of product cleaning and use them for good foul up the fans.

chiffon-nettoyer-poussiere-ventilateur-boitier coton-tige-enlever-decrasser-poussiere-ventilateur-boitier

here is the result with a small comparison before and after the D & co!

avant-apres-nettoyage-ventilateur-ordinateur-1 avant-apres-nettoyage-ventilateur-ordinateur-2

Re-install the fans according to the direction of rotation propellers. For a good ventilation of your PC and effectively cool your components , it is necessary to respect the direction of the air flow inside the case. Fans installed at the front (and the façade) pull cold air from outside. the fans installed on the back (and on top) extract hot air issued by the components outside the box. Here is an example of PC that is well-ventilated:

Source : LDLC

Source: LDLC

to know meaning of ventilation (aspiration or extraction) of a fan , look at the arrows on the edge of the frame of the fan:


thanks cleaning of fans and respecting the sense of air flow inside the case your PC will be much better ventilated and the heat emitted by your components will drain faster 🙂 reducing the risk of overheating, your system will be much more stable!

clean up its processor

processor is the component in your computer that heats the most, why it is cool it down permanently. It is the role of the fan and the heatsink to provide cooling.

processor smothered by the dust will overheat and will make your system unstable: freezes, unwanted reboots… Over time, this heat can also damage the processor and make it totally down. It is important to remove the dust of the fan and the heatsink to allow the processor to be well cooled.

to do this, remove the fan motherboard (pine CPU_FAN ) to the heat sink by removing the 4 screws with your screwdriver.


CPU fan with a q-tip clean. Take care good eliminate any dust. remember that the CPU is the central element of your computer, so take care! 🙂


as the fan blowing on the heatsink, the latter often is suffocated by dust . Use the cloth and brush to remove the dust on the surface and between pins of the sink. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for suck dust that remains at the bottom of the heatsink.

nettoyer-enlever-poussiere-dissipateur-processeur-chiffon nettoyer-enlever-poussiere-dissipateur-processeur-brosse

enjoy the results!


you just back up the fan and plug it into the pin CPU_FAN . Do not forget to respect my meaning of ventilation ! The fan draws cold air and pushes it to the sink.

that is, you can be glad: your processor will be able to blow and give the best of himself 🙂

clean up its graphics

of-clip graphic card port AGP or PCI-Express based on ergot plastic.


If your chart for a fan , unscrew the 4 screws that hold it to the sink . Remove dust of the fan and the heatsink with your q-tips, the components are often quite small. For those who have no fan on their (passive cooling) graphics card, just remove the dust heatsink (radiator).

retirer-ventilateur-carte-graphique poussiere-ventilateur-radiateur-carte-graphique

once every cleaned components, replace the fan on the heatsink.


Finally, replace your graphic card AGP or PCI-Express motherboard port. A cleaned graphics card less heat and reduced unwanted reboots and freezes when playing video games.

clean up their diet

often forgotten, the PC power for also need be cleaned . She brings the power necessary for the functioning of all your components and ensures the stability of your system. It is important to take care and the clean from time to time to avoid it stagnationFFE and it crashes… definitely!

unplug all cables (SATA, Molex…) food that are connected to your motherboard and your components. If you fear to deceive you when you reconnect them, feel free to make a drawing of the wiring. Then disconnect the electric plug. Then remove the power supply of the housing by removing the 4 screws on the rear of the case.

attention: Please wait at least 10 minutes before disassembling the power supply! the capacitors of the power can stay loaded even once everything is disconnected (thanks to awx for contribution!)


unscrew the cover for access inside the power supply.

ouvrir-bloc-alimentation-boitier-pc-ordinateur declipser-bloc-alimentation-boitier-pc-ordinateur

you have that food to clean the fan and dust.

nettoyer-interieur-bloc-alimentation-pc-ordinateur nettoyer-ventilateur-bloc-alimentation-pc-ordinateur

back power inside the case and reconnect the cables on your components: motherboard, hard drive, DVD burner… If your power was full of dust , you notice that it is much quieter now 🙂

clean the inside of the case

dust accumulates everywhere in the case from your computer. If you let it build up, your fans interiorize this dust until you reach the components. The goal here is to make a global cleanup of the case : hard drive, motherboard, connectors, metal of the case… Arm yourself with your cloth, your hump and your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust all over the place to admit 😀


can be tricky, especially when you clean your motherboard . With too abrupt gestures, you may break a capacitor, or any other part of the motherboard. Then soft bullies 😀

remember clean the inside of the face before of the case. To remove the front, remove the screws (or clips) located at the front of the case.


clean readers and the location for (s) fan (s) to facilitate extraction of the cold air inside the case.

avant-apres-nettoyage-face-avant-lecteurs-boitier-pc-ordinateur avant-apres-nettoyage-face-avant-ventilateur-boitier-pc-ordinateur

close the case. That’s it, your PC been cleaned well ! : ok:

profits after the cleaning of the computer

you have cleaned your computer and the latter thank you for this spring cleaning 😀

fun for him but… What are the visible results after the thorough cleaning of my computer?

  1. stability of your system
  2. less lags, freezes when you intensively use your PC (video games, software, photo editing, etc.)
  3. you preserve battery life of your components

you can see that it does not serve to nothing clean my PC 🙂

FYI, here is what I get after cleaned computer I picked up in a dump:

resultats-nettoyage-poussiere-pc-ordinateur-interieur-2 resultats-nettoyage-poussiere-pc-ordinateur-interieur

the last word

try clean your computer at least Once a month, or even once every two months for the most lazy of you 😉 Yes, the PC is one high-tech object like any other: it takes the maintain regularly so that it works well and as long as possible. Too many people think that a PC doesn’t have to be maintained, results: they are found in dump because components have dropped due to lack of maintenance.

If you recycling an old PC , you can now proceed to the installation of the operating system!

ah yes, since you are warm, so to clean your apartment now 😀