Chrome on Android: reading offline wins new features [Exclusive Guide]

8:39 pm May 9, 201710613

for some time already, Google Chrome on Android allows you to download a page to view offline. The feature improves today as announced in the official blog of Chrome, with the arrival of new dedicated features: a more quick and easy download, an interface review for more clarity and a deferred download are now available.

Chrome Android

since the creation of the internet, it is not more important than the web browser software. This truth for remained important to the arrival of smartphones, which have allowed us to take internet everywhere with us.

Android, it’s very simple: since a long time now, Google Chrome is the default browser of our phones. What does not improve constantly; for evidence, the time of page load is 10 to 20% longer quick with its last update.

Download of pages on Chrome Android improving

but sometimes, we have simply not internet access. And yet, the latter saw earlier seemed particularly interesting. It is in this spirit that was launched last year the download offline web pages, which improves today.

3 new features are actually in the process of deployment. The first gives you the ability to directly download a link to long support. The second will allow you, when you are not connected to the internet, to launch the download of a page offline.

And finally, the third will allow you to see items saved to your phone as soon as opening a new tab with a small icon indicating its offline accessibility. What more easily manage your backups.

While a french on 2 is already using Google Chrome and the field seems more than conquered on mobile, it is nice to see Google further improve its formula. Only a victory on a ground in particular missing: autonomy on laptop, where Edge reigns again.