Christmas plugins: WordPress dressed for the holidays! [Quick Guide]

1:57 pm November 28, 201615708

In the run-up to the year-end holidays, we’d all go back to childhood… It’s a time where “anything goes”, where even the “kitsch” can become “fun” and give your site of holiday tunes!

For the occasion, I propose you to discover “must – have” Christmas plugins to bring a little magic into your WordPress.

10 Plugins WordPress pour les Fêtes

1. the snow fall…

The year-end holidays is often synonymous with winter cold and snow of course! Here are what inspire your readers to stay warm at home and surf the pages on your site:

Falling Things:

Plugin WordPress Falling Things

free, very simple Plugin that allows you easily and quickly to make it snow on your site. You can set the quantity and speed.

WP Snow Fall:

Plugin WP Snow Fall

it’s a plugin available on the platform CodeCanyon premium. Easily customizable, it allows to choose its icons, their minimum size, maximum size, the speed, etc…

  • The Extras: it allows to set up different icons on different pages but also to mix different icons on a single page.
  • The downside: may be its price, knowing that it is a plugin that is not used only occasionally.
  • Find the plugin on CodeCanyon

2. Propose a calendar of advent

plugin de Noël : Xmas Advent Calendar

Xmas Advent Calendar is a premium plugin that allows you to offer a calendar of Advent on your site. In a very original way, you will be able to offer “small gifts” to your visitors with the advantage to retain them all by generating traffic! You can upload your own images or choose from the 30 proposed to illustrate each day, change the colors, headers, and content.

3. Offer a stylish contact form

Add-on Contact Form Style

I propose to (re) discover Contact Form 7 Style which is an add – we free Contact Form 7 . Thanks to him, your contact page will “on my 31” for the holidays! Very easy to set up, you can make your choices in the 12 templates available including 3 specially created for the Christmas period.

Formulaire avec Contact Form Style

4. Add WooCommerce features

you hold an online store and you want to improve your services to the end of the year or simply to reward your customers? Here are 3 plugins to Christmas which will be essential for the occasion:

WooCommerce Gift Wrapper:

Plugin Woocommerce Gifs Wrapper

with this free plugin, you can offer your customers to add gift wrapping to their basket. A more than welcome service in a world where every minute is counted: the gift is found, it is packed, it is shipped! An advantage that could do tilted the balance against your competitors who do not offer…

WooCommerce Multiple Free Gift:

Plugin Multiple Gifts Woocommerce

this free plugin will allow you to thank clients for your online store by offering them a small gift! You can set the conditions, the type of gift, offer a choice of several gifts etc…

TI WooCommerce WhishList:

Plugin Whishlist Woocommerce

what’s better than a WhishList to entice the visitor to come back later and thus convert my “Favorites” for sale? It is, in my opinion, THE e-commerce functionality should not be overlooked and the plugin TI WooCommerce WishList well filled this role…

  • The Extras: it is customizable and allows, in a click, add the product “favorite” in my basket.
  • The downside: some restrictions in the free version may lead you to upgrade to the premium version.
  • Find the plugin in the official catalog

5. Send your wishes for the new year

plugin de Noël : Christmas Card

the end of the year also means that a new will start. It will therefore have to consider sending your best wishes to your customers or your prospects… The premium plugin Christmas Card will allow you to view a musical greeting card on arrival of the visitor in your website. It offers a panel of 5 music and 9 different visuals of your choice which you can change the text. It’s a little attention that will not leave indifferent player…

6. Dress up your maintenance page

Plugin Under Construction Xmas

you are planning some renovations on your site or maybe its launch during the Christmas period? Why not propose a maintenance (or construction site) page decorated for the occasion? The freemium plugin Animated/Illustrated Under Construction for Christmas allows you to do this easily.

  • The little extra: the space of a few days, your maintenance page will have a festive air…
  • The downside: it will go to the premium version to remove the discrete watermark on illustrations.
  • Find the plugin in the catalog

7. Give your visitors


Plugin de Noël : Rocket Fireworks

with the plugin free Rocket Fireworks you can offer your visitors a small firework at the loading of your pages. Ideal for Christmas or the new year eve.

in conclusion: is a long list of plugins for Christmas!

For the sake of proper functioning, I tested and listed only compatible with the latest version of WordPress (4.6.1) plugins, but you can also find many other plugins of Christmas in the official catalogue of WordPress .