Check out the explore function under Docs, Sheets & Slides! [Exclusive Guide]

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if there is a feature that you absolutely must know about the tools Docs, Sheets & Slides on the G. It is the function ‘explore ‘! This feature allows you to save time and make your document more relevant through the proposals of optimization or improvement. Below is a small demonstration.

the “Explorer” under G Suite function

Google to designed feature explores help us bring new ideas, us offer recommendations for research or even simplify us creating a document so that we can create high quality files faster than ever.

below are the different possibilities offered by this tool under Docs, Slides and Sheets.

under Google Docs

with Google Docs you can with this function search for documents related to the topic of it since your space Google Drive or on the Internet, or search for images to simply insert into your document.

Démo d'Explore sous Docs by Google

demo Explorer by Google Docs

as Google Slides

Explorer under the solution of presentation (slide show) Google Slides automatically generates design suggestions, based on your slide content.

just so choose a recommendation and apply it in a click – without cropping, resizing or reformatting needed.

it is possible to save valuable time in formatting and achieve a simple and effective presentation.

Démo d'Explore sous Slides by Google

demo Explorer under Slides by Google

under Google Sheets

under Google Sheets this feature allows you to do very interesting things. It is also on this application that it takes its interest.

, for example get responses with questions and either with complex formulas .

you can ask questions such as “how many units have been sold at Christmas? or even ‘ what was the total cost of sales in the last month? ‘ ” . I think you immediately see the gain of time thanks to this feature. 😉

Démo d'Explore sous Sheets by Google

Demo Explorer under Sheets by Google

it is also possible to format a table, add graphics, or even for simple calculations and insert them later.

Sheets : Insertion de somme et mise en forme avec Explore

Sheets: Insertion of sum and shaped with Explorer

so much for this little presentation of this handy feature! I hope in any case that this article has been helpful. 🙂

feel free to give me your opinion on this feature in the comments! A very fast 😉

Sources: gsuiteupdate, Drive.

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