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Windows password off for security reasons, you should regularly change the Windows password. Read here how you can assign a new password.

Windows 10: change login password

  1. click on the Start button and immediately afterwards on the small gear settings .
  2. , open accounts – registration options .
  3. click password , change .
  4. If you are using a Microsoft account, follow these steps:
    • first enter the old password again and choose login .
    • after clicking on on you re-enter your old password.
    • continue at step 6
  5. If you use a local account, click on on (local account).
  6. then enter the new password and repeat a line entering further down again.
  7. If you use a local account, enter a password hint yet at this point.
  8. click next to set the new password.
  9. finally followed by a click on finish .

If you are using a Microsoft account rather than to be log on locally on the Windows , bear in mind that the password affects also all services, they may also by other devices access to.

Windows-Passwort ändern in Windows 10
you must again enter the old password to change the password in Windows 10.

Windows 7: New password given

so you can change the Windows password in version 7:

  1. click on the Start button.
  2. click the following on your profile picture in the start menu in the top-right corner.
  3. select own password change
  4. enter current password in again it .
  5. then press [Tab] and write the new password.
  6. repeat step 5
  7. you can also a password hint, type .
  8. then click on , change password.
Windows 7 Password ändern
in Windows 7, you can change the password after clicking on your profile picture.

Read here how you automatically log in Windows users .