Change of host, Site5 to FastComet [Exclusive Guide]

5:35 pm November 1, 20167010


former hosts 1 & 1, Site5

when I started this blog, I was hosted on 1 & 1 . I also stayed there a long time, more than 5 years. Then after various concerns about their CDN offerings, I decided to move all my sites to a new hosting. I remembered that at the time a colleague then told me in 2011 to another host (American) called Site5 . It’s a packaged with almost no limitation offer (dès lors que vous ne sauvegardez pas vos DVDRip àle sein de votre hébergement,…) , portal web cPanel was personal but very pleasant to use and especially you had a support of high quality (disponible de manière instantanée par chat ou bien directement par email avec une réponse qui arrivait en générale en moins de 1h… voir parfois moins). I talk about this first change in this article .

If you follow a little news from hosters (and especially the Americans), you need to know many companies behind there is a group called Endurance International Group (EIG) who holds a large number of these hosts. I am thinking of Arvixe , Bluehost , Hostgator and many others… You can also find a list a bit more detailed (but not exhaustive) on Wikipedia . There is also a rumour or in any case a criticism that is often: namely to all customers whose host is spent in the SAE group, followed big technical difficulties (unplanned migration, downtime extended,…), technical and commercial support absent (or putting sometimes several days even weeks to process a ticket)!

Why I am leaving Site5

and well, I can’t tell if it’s the same for Site5 but there are they are spent in the apartment of SAES in the year 2016 . The fact is that since July-August 2016 interventions on the server were most common, lower uptime and especially support that put more time to answer (almost 1 week for an answer of the commercial support). If we look at what the customers say, the general trend seems to be to the discontent (see here , here or even still on this link ).

Added to that the offer today is less interesting than what competitors can offer : many providers now offer in their package 1 domain, 1 SSL certificate and also support third-party services such as Let’s’s Encrypt (what Site5 responds: not yet ).

New Web host: FastComet

so I was looking for a new host. My constraints were not complex: a US host, but with the possibility to choose the location in Europe, a good support (via the online feedback) and of course more services for the same price or less than Site5 for the same thing (see why not 2).


After short-listed including Dreamhost , Bluehost … my choice was finally door on Fastcomet . Compared with Site5, the rate is half less expensive (up to $ 7 / month if you go to the most expensive offer) and especially the offer for interesting services: storage SSD (je ne vais pas me lancer dans le débat, j’ai lu dele de pour et dele de contre) , my domain .net included (to life – as long as I keep my offer) 1 real SSL certificate (for life) + Let’s’s Encrypt support dedicated resources (vCPU and RAM), CDN, support that announces deal with tickets in 10 minutes … and for the rest it is standard.




after a few months of using already FastComet , I am now very happy with this change I could make everything smoothly! 🙂



the administration portal is very well thought out and very nice to use. Actually, there are 2 access, a first portal allowing you to manage product aspects (domain, hosting, your payment method, support) and a second that corresponds to your cPanel and allow you to configure all of your accommodation (DNS, redirects, different spaces web, etc.).



When I had discovered, the version of Site5, indeed I was surprised because I had found their customization very well thought. FastComet goes even further and in the end their management portal is very ergonomic and easy to use. You can also use statistics on the resources you use in time real . The storage is unlimited and you can there are hosting several different websites as long as you respect the terms of use of course.

For those who want to go further, you can always log into SSH to your personal space. It should be noted that some specific access need to make a request to the technical support (SSH access command RSync).

Finally finally, I had the opportunity to test several times their support and it is actually incredible – in any case the best I’ve tested so far. In 100% of cases, they responded within 15 minutes (et pas avec dele de bla-bla pour respecter les SLA annoncées mais avec une véritable réponse qui a résolu mon problème dans tous les cas).

Of more, FastComet also offers the possibility to choose among several possible locations for your hosting . This allows you to choose a location that will be closest to your audience. When I was at 1 & 1, accommodation was based in Germany, then in London through Site5, this time I chose to settle in Amsterdam.

In the end, j ‘ divided the Bill by 2 and I have more services . I can therefore only encourage you to test this host if English is not a problem for you. Personally after a few months of use, I am very satisfied with the change! 🙂