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about the EXIF additional data in the images date and time of the recording. When the camera’s built-in clock is set incorrectly, it can cause unpleasant effects.

If you are including the shots of the same event from different cameras together, then so the sequence of images is no longer correct. Then it is necessary that you subsequently fix the incorrect time stamp.

to install the tools for the modification of JPEGs

you need two programs: ExifTool is a command line utility that does the actual work and ExiftoolGUI a surface that so you not have to contend with the pesky parameters of the command line.

get ExiftoolGUI from this address: http://u88.n24.queensu.ca/~bogdan/exiftoolgui516.zip and the surviving files in any directory. A “exiftoolgui” subdirectory is automatically created.

now go home by ExifTool to and get there the Windows executable. Can unzip the contents of the archive – a single EXE file – just created directory.

in the basic version is the ExifTool applied so that you can use it as a target of drag & drop actions. By renaming the default name of “exiftool(-k).exe” to “exiftool.exe” change this behavior.

your directory should now look like:

Installiertes ExiftoolGUI mit Exiftool
installed ExiftoolGUI with ExifTool

you can now run ExiftoolGUI.

how to change the date and time of many images on one slip

the left column of the ExiftoolGUI program works as a file manager. Navigate to the directory containing the false images and the files will appear in the middle pane. Now use the mouse to highlight all affected files or mark all through [Strg]

+ [A] .

in the menu, call the entry modify – EXIF: DateTime shift up.

now appears a dialog box

Exiftool DatetimeShift
ExifTool DatetimeShift

above see the capture date that is currently set in the first selected image. When shift amount set the required time offset. The values of the first group mean years, months and days, and the second group hours, minutes, and seconds.

to set the desired time offset

In the image we had to set up, for example, 6 days, 2 hours and 45 minutes, to compensate for the incorrect setting in the camera.

should have to deduct time, make the check mark behind shift out amount. This changes the caption of the “Increment” (includes) to “Decrement” (pull off).

in DateTime result check whether the correct time would result in the operation. Would you similarly have adapted the file date, then put a check mark from the check box at the bottom.

everything fits, then press execute and the program corrected the timestamps of all selected files.

you trust the program isn’t right, then change the first option under options so that the tool creates backup files of the original images themselves.

so the correction for single files

works out it’s only a few images, whose time stamp you want to correct, then simply works in the Windows File Manager:

  1. one of the files with the right mouse button, click on
  2. choose the option properties from the context menu.
  3. details switch to the tab.

    Aufnahmedatum ändern
    Recording date of the Windows Explorer change

  4. click to right the box date and a calendar, where you can change the date appears.
  5. which is time in this dialog while with displayed, you cannot change but obviously you.

you want to remove preferring the date and other details of the recording? Then continue reading here: EXIF data from images remove .

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