Canva: a graphic editing simple and effective solution! [Exclusive Guide]

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in the long list of graphic editing tools, there is a very interesting solution named Canva. This application allows to edit and simply create graphic elements of different types. Below is a small presentation of the solution.

make simply posters, banners and other with Canva

Canva is a graphical editor that lets you create graphics and banners posters, etc… She also looks a lot like another solution already featured on the site called Fotojet ( see article ) .

you can with this service create a logo in a few minutes or even create a citation for Instagram or any other services of this type.

simply create graphic elements for models

create and easily modify posters

despite its simplicity of access, this application allows to achieve very good quality posters. Here you can create a poster with simple drag and drop while being assisted by online help.

easily create a banner with a simple drag and drop.

once you have finished editing your item, you just have to save it to a personal folder, the image in PDF format to download or even share it on social networks .

in short, everything that it takes to manage and deliver most of my graphic designs! 🙂

an application of quality in the App Store

also the opportunities offered by the web application, Canva also offers a version for iPad and iPhone of high quality.

you can with this application simply create a banner detail from your iPad or even quickly create a quote illustrated from your iPhone.


canva application mobile

Canva is also available on the Apple App Store.


you’ll understand this application is very interesting for people who want to create and edit different types of images.

the use of this application is free. However you need to checkout (for the sum of$ 1 per image – reasonable given the quality of the images it must be admitted) for the right to use some non-free images of rights.

of course, you can the app for free using your own images. A very practical solution for amateur graphic designers.

@ soon!

source: canvaofficial .

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