Caldera Forms for WordPress 1.5: what’s new? [Quick Guide]

5:11 pm March 13, 201713330

Caldera Labs , the company that created the plugin for Drag & Drop forms management, for just released Caldera Forms 1.5 this Tuesday, February 21, 2017. This is a major release that brings real novelties to this extension already effective (and active on more than 50,000 WordPress sites).

New features and new types of fields make their appearances, let’s…

Caldera Forms 1.5

THE new feature…

One of the features that had been missing in the Caldera Form 1.4.x version was to assign conditional logic to set the recipient of the notification by email . Now, you can set this up!

Indeed, according to the options selected by the user of your form, you may need to direct its request to your own mailbox or to one of your employees… The possibilities extend then! This feature is available in the tab treatments > logic conditional (Conditional container) > add treatment > then set your “Setting” and add your “Conditions” . For more information, I invite you to official documentation.

Caldera Forms 1.5 - Conditional Recipient

9 new types of fields for Caldera Forms 1.5!

In its old version, Caldera Forms already had a beautiful range of fields. There was:

  • fields BASIC such as “text on a line”, “hidden”, “e-mail address”, “button”, “phone number” and “text box”
  • fields SELECT such as “drop-down menu”, “radio button”, “checkbox”, “date selector”, “color picker” etc…
  • fields file such as “file” or “advanced file uploader”
  • fields content such as “html”
  • fields special such as “gravatar”, “computation”, “range slider” or “voting by Star”

in Caldera Forms 1.5, we can set up these 9 new field types:

  • the field number : to present a range of number with a minimum and a maximum. This will allow to offer your users a choice included in a defined interval.
  • field PHONE NUMBER (BETTER) : for formatting of a phone number on the country. The format will be configured by default.
  • field RICH EDITOR : a WYSIWYG editor perfect for editing at the front end. A fairly intuitive and similar to that of WordPress text editor.
  • URL field : restriction for a field only accepting URLs.
  • SUMMARY field : this is a summary of the fields opted by the user. Ideal for insertion on the last page of your multi-page form, thus allowing the user to have a summary of the application before you click ‘send’.
  • the SECTION BREAK field: this field shows a line (“hr” tag) to separate your sections of form and thus obtain a more orderly presentation.

Caldera Forms 1.5 - onglet basic

But the big news of Caldera Forms 1.5 is add fields compatible with a online store. A new category of fields, named “eCommerce” , you will add 3 additional fields:

  • CREDIT card number field : so that your users can enter their number of credit card
  • field CREDIT card EXPIRATION : Similarly to enter expiry
  • field HVAC : to learn the code
  • 3-digit

Caldera Forms 1.5 - onglet contenu et eCommerce

as new fields that will satisfy most of your web projects.

a new viewer of upcoming entry…

This feature is still under development, but very soon, from your administration, you can use a shortocode coupled to a PHP function that will display the classic Viewer or the new Viewer entry in the front end. This new entry Viewer is built using the new API REST of Caldera Forms and VueJS.

This option is very convenient if you do not that some users are accessing the backoffice of your WordPress site while allowing them to consult the entries of your Caldera forms. To learn more, I suggest go to page.

the REST API: good news for developers!

The Caldera Forms REST API can be used currently, when she is authenticated as an administrator for configuration details and a form entries. Its main purpose is to allow developers to edit and improve the administration of the forms and get new ways of work…

All this was not available in previous versions… For more information, see official documentation .

not to mention everything else…

News cited above are not the only surprises we reserve Caldera Forms 1.5 … No, the list is long and will delight the most experienced developers… We can discover including:

  • the reduction in the number of files JavaScript and CSS loaded
  • improvement of loading the CSS in the header with the addition of the filter caldera_forms_force_enqueue_styles_early
  • adding the filter caldera_forms_validate_field_-$field – id that allows validation of customized fields
  • adding the function Caldera_Forms : time_format () used to set up a correct formatting of time
  • adding an error message when ‘NUNCIO VALIDATION’ fail
  • adding the class Caldera_Forms_Magic that will multiply the possibilities
  • and many more!

in conclusion…

You guessed it, the Caldera Forms 1.5 version of is already very functional, although she for not yet said its last word.

Were you already user of the old version? You will find the fantastic news! Trying to urgently…