BlackBerry Privacy Shade: the application that hides your SMS private with the nosy neighbors [Exclusive Guide]

2:45 pm March 24, 201711086

BlackBerry Launches Privacy Shade, an application that allows you to hide your private easily, texting to avoid that a Nosy Neighbor read them on the side or over your shoulder. Having abandoned the construction of smartphone, it was the first application showing my interest in mobile security.

BlackBerry Privacy Shade

a manufacturer succeeded in recent years to build a strong image from the professionals, thanks to my attention to the security of the data of its users. We are of course talking about BlackBerry.

But its heyday is over. The brand for abandoned the construction of its smartphones , and this is now refocused on applications. She continues to enjoy my legacy, evidenced by the release of a new application today.

BlackBerry Privacy Shade, enforcement to hide your text messages of the curious

one of the most popular features of its phones was none other than the “Privacy Shade”, which allows you to put a more or less strong “shadow” on your screen, leaving only a particular information.

Imagine that it is now available on the Store, and will allow you to hide your most important conversations of people surrounding you, either in transit or home transport for the most sensitive information.

noted that it was probably the first application of a long list. Make no mistake: when even the BlackBerry KEYone hits the market , the phone itself is developed by TCL and fact that use the BlackBerry brand.

The company itself is well refocused on the application. However, we can predict that it promotes Android before iOS, because just as with devices named running Google’s OS. To test this famous Privacy Shade, direction the Store to download the app:

Google Play Store