Black Friday: what is it? What is the origin of the event? [Exclusive Guide]

9:18 am February 20, 20175605

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it is Friday November 25 that will start Black Friday , one of the major business events of the year. But do you really know the origins of this event? Back on one of the phenomena ( commercial) highlights of recent years.


Black Friday

the Black Friday (or Black Friday in french) corresponds to the promotions implemented initially in the United States by traders on the day after Thanksgiving, a U.S. holiday. A commercial phenomenon during which discounts are generally very important, from-10% to-85% in some cases. An essential step which marks the kickoff of the Christmas shopping on an informal basis.

in the USA, this event is also lived as being one of major meetings of the year, some employers not hesitating to give day employees. Others also do not hesitate to ask for a day off, to make sure not to miss any business. You’ve certainly seen these videos, at the opening of the gates where a crowd rushes into the store.

a method that seems to work. In 2015, the American Black Friday for generated $ 10.4 billion of revenue for only physical stores, according to The Guardian , for a basket of about $ 400 per household.

but in reality, no one really can establish a starting point with certainty. For many historians, the Black Friday started in the 1960s. At this time, US traders had to improve their sales late in the year.

the latter, in the absence of computers to facilitate their work, were still drafting their accounts by hand with a pen. But while generally, notebook pages were impregnated with an awful red color (red meaning deficit), this day was an exception: “Black Friday”. A day during which the Americans rushed into stores for bargains. The accounts were then enrolled in black ink. Thus was born the Black Friday.

others claim that this appellation would have been used by the Philadelphia police department, in reference to the crowded world streets and jams that caused this day.

Take my money!

this phenomenon, that deeply steeped in American culture, for gradually exported to the four corners of the globe, and particularly in Europe.

french side is indeed following the gradual emergence of the Internet that the term Black Friday for become popular, retail as well as the pure plays , companies exclusively based on the Internet like Amazon or street trade, which they also intend to take an interest.

Google Trends allows also to measure effectively this tendency to search for information, and there is a buzz more and more pronounced.

we can thus see the unit of measure used by the Californian firm indicates logically that searches with the keyword “Black Friday” have ceased to increase since 2004 (value 1), with a real awareness of the phenomenon as soon as 2014 (85 value). A date that coincidence perfectly to the emergence of this phenomenon on the french territory.

the Express , is to also the giant Amazon, which would be the origin of the movement in France, by inaugurating the “Cyber Week”, with discounts up to 70%. Other brands such as Fnac and Auchan were also followed. In the end, french consumers have spent more than 140 million euros in 2015.

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this year, dispatch suggests that 32% of the French should take advantage of the bargains to come, for an average basket of 273 euros (YouGov study and forecast of the Centre For Retail Research).

for The Brave

so that all manufacturers of smartphones try to pull them out of the game by offering attractive discounts, one of them is particularly present during the Black Friday: Honor . On 27 November 2015, during the only day of Black Friday, more than 10,000 smartphones of the brand had been sold, a record online for the french market. A feat made possible thanks to an unbeatable offer: Honor 7 at 249 euros instead of 349 euros (100 euros discount).

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a few days a new Black Friday, will we have the opportunity to review a similar offer on its flagship: the Honor 8? With the evolution of this concept, and the appearance of Cyber Monday, is we expect extended offers of large scale? One thing is certain: so don’t miss Honor offers, feel free to sign up for the Honor Tracker so don’t miss the offers and tips related to the products of the brand. And you, what are you going to crack this year?