BixBye: developers bypass the blocking of Samsung for the Bixby button [Exclusive Guide]

2:40 pm April 24, 201712984

a developer managed to bypass the blocking of Samsung that prevented from reprogramming the button dedicated to Bixby of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. What make this a bit more useful button.

for a few days, first-time buyers have had the opportunity to lay hands on their new Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus . Some are however disappointment to disappointment, with a red veil on the screen and receiving an update to prevent them from program the action of their choice on the originally dedicated to Bixby launch button .

Fortunately, our developers have talent and one of them for already managed to bypass this protection set up by the South Korean manufacturer. The BixBye application, for example, is a good example of what is possible to do again today after the patch deployed by Samsung. The choice, the user can use this button to launch the voice assistant, an application, open the power menu, the drawer of applications, recent jobs, return to the home or start the camera.

still in alpha, BixBye remains perfectible and still suffers from some bugs, but it’s already a good start proving that developers always reach a step ahead on the brands. Note however that this requires no major changes to the system and is therefore not necessary to rooter my phone.

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reminder, Bixby is the personal assistant of the Galaxy S8. Unfortunately, it is still incomplete and lacks all the features originally planned. We may have to wait several months before being able to communicate with him through the Word as Samsung had promised during the presentation of my new flagship , and get rid of this button makes so sense.

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