Best editing and photo retouching for Android applications: here is our selection [Exclusive Guide]

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over the years, smartphones have replaced the cameras. I must say that the builders did a real job on this side and have significantly improved the quality of the shots over time. The developers also took the opportunity to offer very effective and intuitive photo editing applications. It for prepared a selection of the best.

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11 best android application in editing photo

today ‘, for everyday use, the smartphone for unquestionably become the main camera of users . It is much more convenient, you must admit.

The quality is at the rendezvous, and the brands offer more modes of shooting very complete. The manual mode for example for almost become a standard.

Despite this growing quality, many shots deserve a post taken from view. It’s a bit like the photographer: he takes my pictures with my smartphone then he reworks them on my computer. Let’s say that it is possible with its smartphone to do everything with a single device.

Obviously, the rendering will be not worthy of the clichés of a professional photographer, whatever some photographers have managed to expose beautiful works from photos taken with a good camera phone .

Whatever it is, it is today possible to retouch my photos through applications that are very well made. So here is our selection of the best photo retouching on Android applications .

Photo Android app: the top 12 to download

Snapseed : the reference


Snapseed is no doubt the application of the most complete photo editing and best-known especially. The tools offered by this application are simply remarkable. We can do pretty much everything with Snapseed: cropping, brightness, details settings. There is even a Brush tool.

The app also offers a series of very effective filters including a “HDR” effect that allows to improve the brightness and to offer more details after you take the picture. If you forget to activate the HDR , it is not bad at all.

Recently, Snapseed is being updated to offer a new feature that allows you to embed text in the pictures. You can clearly get things really very pretty. A must – have, and free and more.

VSCO Cam: murderously effective

vsco cam

VSCO Cam is undeniably one of photo editing applications the most attracted fans of photography. Social network for sharing photos, it for very effective editing tools.

If the interface is really elegant, enforcement is not what it is more intuitive, but it is still fairly simple. Let’s say that the grip will be a little bit more long. But when one sees all the possible settings, VSCO Cam is really worth to linger a bit.

Proof of its success: the majority of the most famous Instagramers use VSCO Cam to rework their photos posted on the social network mobile photography benchmark. VSCO Cam is more free and very complete. Experience can also be taken further with in-app purchases.

But very clearly, we are some to use it for writing and the free version is more than enough to get out very beautiful shots.

Adobe Photoshop Express: the classic

adobe photoshop express

this is the famous Photoshop in mobile version. Adobe for finally decided to propose a complete tool of photo retouching for smartphones and tablets. And the results is very successful.

Adobe Photoshop Express is being very complete , certainly much less than the PC and Mac versions, but the possibilities available on smartphone and Tablet are enormous. The application is a real Swiss army knife of photo editing.

We can do pretty much everything from cropping to the settings of brightness, colors. You can also remove red-eye and apply filters from a selection of forty filters. In short, Adobe Photoshop Express is faithful to the reputation of the Publisher.

Big advantage, Adobe Photoshop Express allows the editing photos large sizes as files in RAW format . As VSCO Cam, Adobe Photoshop Express is free and features in-app purchases with other features like the night a little more thorough example photo retouching.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: for the pros

adobe photoshop lightroom

another application made in Adobe: Lightroom. Simply put, this application comes with Photoshop Lightroom found on PC and Mac. Required prior to be licensed cc to enjoy comprehensively on mobile, .

If this is the case, you can retrieve the pictures available on the PC or Mac. A big advantage for those who want to share their most beautiful photos taken with their SLRs on social networks. Even though discerning photographers are not necessarily fans of this practice, the application for the merit to propose.

Apart from this synchronization, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers quick editing tools to make some changes on the fly. Beware, Lightroom is not to put all hands, it caters primarily to professionals or to the real passionate photo . Here again, the application is free.

Aviary Photo Editor: creative

aviary photo editor

the Aviary photo editor for changed since its inception. And today, even if he is not among the best in the market, it is extremely comprehensive. Like most other applications above, Aviary Photo Editor allows you to edit pictures in long by wide and cross.

In addition, it is possible to incorporate frames, text, other images, doing collages . In short it is very comprehensive but there is a ‘but ‘. The effects are few and it will go through the in-app purchase box to access more filters.

Likewise, frames, collages and others won’t be available in large quantities and it will take hands on portfolio for access to more advanced features . adobe does the same but is much less stingy with the proposed basic functions. Nevertheless, Aviary Photo Editor is an application to have.

Autodesk Pixlr: quick very well done

autodesk pixlr

good photo editing it is well, but you do not want to spend three hours either. Okay, we understand. And we invite you to discover Autodesk Pixlr.

The principle of this application is extremely simple. Unlike other photo editing applications that are very precise and allow to go into detail, and so is spending a lot of time, Pixlr offers him to retouch your photos in a few seconds and very easily.

Thus, it is possible to crop, crop or enhance an image in a few small touches and with virtually unlimited as effects there are over 2 million combinations of possible effects. Borders, frames, some recovery are also present. Clearly an essential application for an excellent result in a few seconds only.

PicsArt: long live sharing!

PicsArt Photo

you have tired of the stereotypical pictures of Instagram? Fitness and cooking accounts begin to swell you seriously? Then we suggest you try PicsArt.

This free app comes on two niches at the same time: that of social networks and photo retouching. Thus, PicsArt provides opportunities for really comprehensive retouching with collages, filters, effects, in short a complete solution . To talk your creativity.

At the same time. the application allows to share your photos on the social network where all photographers share their works. And for once, if you want originality, that’s where it should be. We really got some nice surprises.

Blurize: to stay in the dark


Blurize is an application that we researched on the Store as a result of the out of Huawei P9 last year. Smartphones equipped with a dual camera can take pictures with a bokeh effect, that is to say a blur effect on a plan.

We then wondered if there is an application that allows to do the same on any smartphone. And we discovered Blurize. The application could not be more simple. She for no other claim that to offer the possibility of apply blur effects .

We “color” the tip of the finger an area of a photo and a blur effect applies as if you had made a bokeh. It is possible of course to select the density of the effect so that the result is not too coarse.

Prisma: this cartoon!


Prisma is an application photo very fashionable. She for nothing revolutionary but managed to get onto a still unpopular niche. Thus, Prisma offers apply filters a bit unusual since they transform a photo into a cartoon for example.

For example, we can take a picture of yourself and see what would happen if we were a character in comics for example. And the effects are really very successful and surprising. Only gripe might be: the duration of treatment of the photo which is a bit long. But when you see the result, it’s worth the wait.

Facetune: for selfies perfect


that would be a guide to the best applications of photo editing without at least an app dedicated to selfies. This app is and bears the name of Facetune. Given the number of options, should not fail to bring happiness to users who spend their time to take a picture with the front camera of their smartphone.

All imaginable correction options are part. You can especially to retouch the wrinkles, dark circles and even whitening of your topic, in this case, you! You can even go further by changing the color of your eyes and add an artistic side to your images. An application that is invoiced and pay € 3.99.

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Google Photos: the essential

google photos

we will finish this selection with an application that you have on your smartphone, and for good reason, because it’s Google Photos . When we mentioned, we think especially of free and unlimited backup in the cloud, and we too often forget that it integrates a powerful tool for editing photos, simple enough to learn in addition!

With Google Photos , you can not only edit the brightness, colors and contrast of a photo too dark or too dull to give more shine but also apply different pre-recorded filters to give a more artistic side to your images. One small snag, as soon as you save the changes, the original image is erased.

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this is for our selection of photo editing applications. Of course, you are invited to tell those you prefer or if you use others.