Best dating on Android apps [Exclusive Guide]

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Internet and smartphones have changed the way we interact and obviously, meetings are also placed by the transformation. Let’s be honest, the thing can make uncomfortable because it virtualizes which ‘should’ be natural and real, she revolutionized the lives of men (Yes with a small h), for which the cowardice of the approach was then more a problem.

meilleures applications android rencontre

, the web has had consequences on the subject by its very nature and its tools . Indeed, the potential of meeting became delusional, with millions of people connected and a whole bunch of more or less serious, supposed to, and useful parameters, using the strength of programming or a simple GPS.

The subject of the meetings are so fundamental in our lives, thousand companies themselves are crashed into the breach, so and so although it is not obvious to find. Here is our selection of the best applications of the type .

To be more precise, it is apps covering several styles, principles and research so that using our selection, everyone can find shoe on my foot. And if you have not found your happiness in this small list, still you have our selection of the best Android apps , all confused.

The feminist: adopt a guy

meilleures application rencontre android adopte un mec

adopts a guy has been one of the great revolutions of the meeting online. The principle was really new at the time. The creators of the site had understood that women were harassed at the moment or they were connecting on dating sites. Based on this observation, the adopted one man principle (adopted, for the respondents), was born.

Men cannot talk to women if the latter don’t allow them. The only thing they can do is send them a ‘charm’, i.e. a simple meaning notification that they are interested. If the Lady is interested, it may allow the boy to write , and if it is more, she can put it in my cart.

This last point associated with a pink, light, and uninhibited, aesthetic put women in the assumed position of people doing their shopping. In a fun atmosphere and good child, everyone relaxed, and the site quickly became a benchmark of the genre. The staging naturally put men “in the window” making of ‘products’, which was according to some for consequence lead to more direct and fleeting meetings .

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the direct: Tinder

application rencontre android tinder

Tinder is probably the descendant more similar to adopt a guy. Here too, what did the application, is decomplex reality ephemeral and superficial even some meetings on the web. Thus, based on geolocation, the application offers you a series of endless photos, why your choice is very simple . You like or you spend. It’s so simple and fast as Tinder is available on Android Wear to do my terrible sort at any time.

If two people have appreciated, they will receive both the famous “it’s a game!” and can get in touch and see their profile more in detail.  As adopted one dude, Tinder was able to reduce the meetings something Basic for people not seeking true love .

by proposing that photos in the first place, the application gave the double advantage of not give all personal info before it was of mutual attraction, and one of assume frontally putting forward a purely physical criteria . We like or we don’t like, but in any case Tinder placed very clearly in its niche.

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classic: Meetic:

selection app rencontre android meetic

should we present Meetic? The application is aimed at people a little more seriously that on Tinder and adopted a guy (you creators however this talk about adopted, which also has a serious meeting positioning) and on age group a little more high , the other two being rather addressed to less than thirty years, although we can find anything.

Meetic puts forward the idea of “beautiful meeting ‘. Enforcement, however, offers very traditional services; Messaging, advanced searches and the online discussion. The small distinction lies in the Shuffle function, which is a system quite similar to the functioning of Tinder to get in touch with people.

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the relaxed: Happn

Happn has become in a few months only a meeting place application. Cocorico, it is made in France. The principle of Happn is based on geolocation to offer to meet strangers nearby. Simply put, you’re going to have a drink with friends and suggest the application profiles that are nearby.

If a profile you like you can put a ‘Like’ and if the person in question ‘Like’ also your profile when it is suggested he should then you with a ‘crush ‘. You can then start to discuss. Here again, there are other subtleties and a few in-app purchases to speed up the process of encounter.

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the surprising: Lovoo

Lovoo is a German application that is also based on geolocation. But on Lovoo, there is a radar, a map, which shows real-time users nearby. As a bonus, hashtags come to spice up the experience.

So you can for example post photos of which you are interested, you are passionate about, fun, and post them with hashtags. Those who share the same common will fall on your photos and you increase your chances of meetings.

At the time of writing these lines the application has already attracted more than 10 million users. In-app purchases also allow to go deeper into the experience.

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the elitist: Attractive World

attractive world selection android

Attractive World is the application of site defining “demanding singles. In order to register, then the votes of singles already present must be in your favor. Was quite criticized its elitism to Attractive World , and for good reason: terms appearing on the cards, it seemed that the site was intended not only to make a pure selection of people appealing, but also well placed socio-professionnellement.

We could argue that that’s what people do in reality, to select between them through an attempt to maintain classes. Except that it’s almost announced positioning, and it, it is squeaky. Whatever it is, Attractive World is part of the essential and had to be on this list as such.

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the male: Grindr

application rencontre android best of grindr

to meet gay, it is not the choice missing, but a name keeps, Grindr. The first interest of the app’s Geotagging, the second point of the app is the staggering amount of men connected , wherever you are on Earth.

With Grindr, one is on the meeting in general very punctual. As always, we’ll find people looking for love, but the positioning of the cult application is to allow the direct encounter and one night, or why not more, but rather oriented carnal than amorous encounter .

For these young ladies who seek young ladies, it is said that the female equivalent of Grinder is Brenda application, but reviews consider that the service is not the same quality, especially number of ppeople. Probably because Grindr is an application of men, we’re hardly surprised.

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mathematics: Parship


Parship, it’s one of my companies who wants to create algorithms of effective meeting. The site highlights its collaboration with a graduate psychologist. PARSHIP offers a questionnaire aimed at closer to the people by psychological compatibility . According to Dr. Schmale, the algorithm is based on behavioral and psychoanalytic theories.

Thus, it is argued that the compatibility test is the fruit of 30 years of research on relations amoureuses and analyzing more 80,000 people. When we fill her questionnaire, answers to 80 questions assessing 30 criteria all related to the relationship . At the end of this test, with a mathematized profile which can be compared to the mathematical profiles of the people in front of you. We believe it or not, but the site at merit to attempt a rational approach.

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the controversy: Gleeden

good, it put it but you must admit that it is not very cool. Indeed Gleeden is a specialized in extramarital relationships dating app. Basically, if you want to deceive your well loved (e), it’s here that it happens.

For the rest, it is rather classic, we find all the features that exist on other applications. The only difference is that everything is done discreetly. The video presentation is for the less “astonishing.” Ah yes, there still have to pay to improve the experience.

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