Back on the headphones Sport EP51 of Meizu [Quick Guide]

3:05 pm October 28, 201613532

I. introduction

during the summer and holidays, it was an opportunity to return to the sport. I acquired at the beginning of season headphones Bluetooth Sports EP51 from Meizu, is for me the opportunity to write an article about their and make you a return.

It is indeed headphones Bluetooth, so over the wires that tangle and coming down our motivation before running. After a simple Bluetooth link between their smartphone and its headphones, we went for two hours of battery life.

II. Package and Design

make a quick detour to the package and the significant design of these headphones. Here is the case of the headphones:


A inside, so you’ll find a small bag, headphones (in the black box in box at the top right) and different ear tips of different form and sizes:


at the rear of the case, we see the headphones point the tip of their nose also, a system three command buttons (a central, then the ‘+’ and the ‘-‘ ‘ ‘) to manage volume and Bluetooth connection:


here is the total package, the mini cable content Mini-USB on the top right allows to connect headphones to a PC for reloading, the mini-USB connection is on the central connector to manage the volume after removing a small cache :


the small bag is a good surprise, one little place the charging cable and headphones:


ultimately it is transportable in the size of a mouse, more convenient, it fits easily in a travel bag or Pocket:


I note also that the wire connecting the two headphones is not big enough to get tangled , a good new so 😉

III. Connection and use

operation is very simple, connection to the laptop is no problem , simply press the Center button of the “controller” of the headphones (at the same place as the buttons ‘+’ and ‘-‘ ‘ ‘).

Once connected to the laptop, the audio output is directly oriented Bluetooth headphones.

To begin looking for Bluetooth link, just press a few seconds on the central button of the controller (precisely between the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ ‘ ‘), then launch the Bluetooth link with its smartphone. In passing, it will Flash a small blue LED on the shaded part of the controller.

Duration of life, I have seen between 1: 00 and 2:30 before we see a sign of weakness , depends on the average audio volume during the use of headphones. This is correct for most of the sports sessions. At least enough for me to race/bike sessions which last usually between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Side charging, this happening by USB. Ease of use so , but also compatibility with external batteries, which will appeal to those who love getting lost in nature 🙂

for use, nothing too complicated, just listen to our favorite songs 😉

IV. Conclusion

these headphones are a nice surprise, as I said earlier, I used to use wired headphones during my sports sessions and it was causing me some discomfort. Bluetooth headphones bring a real more , they fit very well on the ears and the laptop can be in pocket or hung to the arm via armbands as there are for are smartphones.

The fact that there are several ear tips is also a plus.

Some might blame the ear tip that can cut with the environment. This isn’t my case, but it deserves to be report and this depends primarily on your preferences

I also gives a positive point for the small bag that allows to move easily.

A positive opinion for these headphones so, life expectancy is satisfactory for most runners, cyclist and sports the same format. for hikers and another sports long duration, I direct you to external battery I tested there is not long 😉

you can find this product directly on Gearbest: Meizu Sport EP51