Autonomy: this trick will boost the battery of your smartphone in 2 seconds! [Exclusive Guide]

3:22 pm March 3, 20179938

There are many tricks to boost the battery life of a smartphone and it’s especially combining them with each other that it manages to achieve a satisfactory result. Among them, there is a very efficient allowing to reboost your battery performance when the endurance of the aircraft tends to decrease over time. A so simple trick that it didn’t would even think since it is simply to clear the cache of the device.

booster autonomie android

clear the cache of your smartphone to boost independence!

By our colleagues Phonearena Americans coming to experiment on their bike Z Force Droid, this trick allows to get back the energy consumption of the device to a normal level when there is too much and that was the case with their smartphone that lost about 15% of battery every hour. Consumption of the unit was 2 to 3 times higher than its initial level.

After examination, they managed to identify application was consuming as much battery . It was AnTuTu that they have quickly uninstalled. Unfortunately, the phone always consumed as much battery after uninstallation, so they took the initiative to clear the cache of the phone and, miracle, battery consumption immediately relapsed to its original level: 5% per hour!

How to clear the cache of a smartphone:

clear the cache of a smartphone Android is a child’s play. Simply:

  • make you in the menu settings > device > storage
  • select the internal memory then click on “Cached data”
  • confirm the clearing the cache by clicking OK
vider cache android

this tip is intended primarily for users encountering a problem of autonomy that they fail to solve even by removing the offending application. Also, note that the clearing the cache for other benefits. It allows including optimize storage capacity and can also solve some bugs without the need to reset to factory settings, a long and binding procedure.

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