AutoDraw: the Google AI transforms your doodles in pretty designs [Exclusive Guide]

9:17 pm April 12, 20176430

AutoDraw is a new platform based on the AI, developed by Google, to transform from simple doodles in understandable and neat designs. To do this, the machine learning algorithm is trying to understand what you’re trying to draw and offers a list of corresponding to the same theme drawings by other users.

autodraw ai google gribouillages dessins

we would all like an innate talent for drawing , and be able to achieve great things in a few pencil strokes. Unfortunately, many of us do not have this skill, and may not have the time to take courses to improve.

Fortunately, thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to turn your ridiculous doodles in understandable drawings. That’s what provides Google with AutoDraw, a new program that is accessible from a browser on mobile or PC. -based machine learning technologies , this platform is able to quickly identify what you’re trying to draw to offer a more satisfactory rendering from a database powered by other users.

AutoDraw: a new program based on the experimental game QuickDraw of Google

some of you may be familiar with QuickDraw , a game offered by Google for a few months now. In this game, the user must draw an object imposed, and artificial intelligence tries to guess what it is based on drawings to other users for the same keyword. It is thanks to this game, and people who are lent, that Google was able to feed the database used by AutoDraw.

When artificial intelligence understands what the user is trying to draw , she offers him a list of drawings representing the same object, and there are more to choose. The Google AI is very perceptive, and even if you’re really bad, it is likely she understands what you’re trying to illustrate in a few seconds.

For the time being, AutoDraw seems devoid of real value. Just like QuickDraw, this is more of a fun experience to demonstrate the potential of machine learning algorithms. Subsequently however, the data collected could be used by Google to create new services or improve existing ones.