«««AT sign with Apple Mac keyboard produce – so you get the @

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changing from PC to Macintosh desperately search the spider monkeys or even AT sign @ on the Apple keyboard of Apple computer. Read here how to quickly find the spider monkeys

  • Mac “AT” sign found on current Mac computers that receive the spider monkeys with [Alt] – [L] .

  • you see that @ also on Mac keyboards right below on the [L] -button.
  • on very old Macs press [Umschalten] – [Alt] – [1] .
AT-Zeichen auf Apple Mac Tastatur
keyboard shortcut for “AT” sign on the Mac

this need the AT sign

the “AT” sign you need first and foremost to write emails. Here funktionierit the @ as separator between the address names of the receiver and the domain on which he is achieving. Continue AT sign in many programming languages can be used: for example, in PHP, to suppress error messages of an operation.

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