ASUSTOR: What’s new in the ADM 3.0 beta [Quick Guide]

2:23 am May 11, 20176938

in early may, ASUSTOR is very active, after announcing two new NAS, in this case the AS6302T and the AS6404T, the manufacturer for announced the availability of the ADM 3.0 beta. This new version of system operating brings a lot of new features and optimizations.

ADM 3.0 will get a makeover at the interface level by integrating new features, more that it is more customizable, more ergonomic and more convenient. for this title, here is the list of improvements related to the interface:

the virtual desktop icons will be automatically resized according to the resolution of the screen. All of the virtual windows open on the interface can be resized manually.

creating groups of applications on the virtual desktop , including to group them by category or function. It will be also possible to add a shortcut to a folder or a file directly on the desktop for easy access.

a “snapshot” of the bureau system will memorize the layout of the icons and restore it if necessary.

widgets can be added to the virtual desktop to monitor the activity of the system in real time but also an overview of the storage

a message can be distributed automatically to users on the interface of ADM, before or after the connection.

– a notification bubble appears on the icon of the rules and the Central App if there is one or more updates available.

– added Photo Gallery, SoundsGood, LooksGood and monitoring Center application shortcuts directly to the login page for faster access to these applications . It will need to enable this option in the settings of each application.

themes are emerging with the ability to customize the background image with a custom image, just like the color of the buttons and the police that will be customizable.

In addition, here are some additional new features that enrich the ADM:

an online help system built directly into the ADM for assistance on the use and configuration of the NAS.

improvement of activity monitor with a new interface and new icons to monitor all of the resources in real time.

a new feature internet passthrough will be supported on NAS for easy access to your NAS remotely even when there is one or more routers/firewalls to pass. On computers, it will be necessary to install the ASUSTOR EasyConnect utility to use this feature. For information, it also relies on the use of the Cloud ID to connect.

pre-installation of applications : when the NAS will be initialized, the ADM will ask whether it is a sin for personal or professional use. According to the choice made, a lot of applications will be automatically installed on the NAS.

Personal use : Photo Gallery, SoundsGood, iTunes Server, UPnP Media Server, LooksGood, Portal ASUSTOR, Kodi/XBMC, Remote Center.

Professional use : Avast Anti-Virus, DataSync for Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, HiDrive, Syslog Server.

More information: ASUSTOR Beta ADM