Asustor: Move from RAID 1 to RAID 5 [Quick Guide]

7:55 am October 26, 20168638

I. introduction

move from a NAS 2 Bay to a 4-Bay, or simply have a NAS 4 bays with 2 disks and add one or more additional, these are cases that can happen, and these are cases that the Asustor NAS can manage. I tried the experience of a migration from a RAID in 2 drives to a RAID in 3 disks (RAID 1 to RAID 5), it was not an easy task for various reasons that I will explain in this article.

However, if your case goes into one of the scenarios supported by the system RAID integrated with the ADM migration, so this will be child’s play.

It is to note that this migration may be hot, without data loss, but to make a such migration all cases are not supported… I told you just a little more after.

reminder: RAID 1 is a mirror that is to say that if you have two hard disks, they contain both data, allowing you to bear the loss of a disk, but however this type of RAID impact performance, in addition to wasting 50% of capacity. RAID 5 allows to combine performance and security since we support the loss of a drive also, while losing about the equivalent of a hard drive for space storage .

I want to clarify that I am not responsible for loss of data in case of error or mishandling. Make sure your NAS is on a reliable power source before issuing a critical operation such as this, or save at least your data beforehand.

II. limitations

for the record, I was using the NAS with two hard drives so far, all mounted in JBOD (so no protection) because I used data voluminous but not necessarily important, whatever… To stop playing with fire and secure my data (and also because I wanted to add some more sensitive), I figured I add hard drives to go on a RAID 5.

Except that here, problem: migration to RAID 5 JBOD volume is impossible , it is simply impossible from the point where we are in JBOD. To perform a migration to a higher level, it must at least be in RAID 1, RAID 0 will not work either.

In any case at the present time… And at the time of ADM 2.6.3… As evidenced by this official documentation: ASUSTOR Migration RAID

so here, I had to toy with my data by storing also the time to build the RAID and then I put everything back… but it’s a shame. Like what, from the beginning you make the right choice. If you are in trouble (kind of like I could be) to do the migration, feel free to leave a comment if you need.

III. Migration of the RAID

connect to the interface of the ADM, and then go to the Manager of storage represented by this icon:


in the Storage Manager, your volumes (RAID clusters) are displayed on the left. Select the one you want to migrate, for example “ Volume 1 ‘ and click on ‘ handle “. ”


Choose “ migrate this volume since the current RAID level to a higher level “, and then in the list select the RAID level that interests us, RAID 5 here. ”


Select the drive that you want to add in RAID 5, in addition to the two discs already present in the NAS. Then, continue.


Read the summary carefully to be sure it matches your expectations because once you go click on “Finish” operation will begin and what will be left for long hours .


It just only to wait… I won’t say that you have time to go get a cup of coffee because you will have to take enough time for going overboard until the operation ends. Allow several hours, nearly 5 hours in my case, to achieve migration entirely.


Once it’s done, must be on ‘Good’ State in the console, and you can then take full advantage of RAID 5 🙂