Are the store locator considered the interstitial by Google on mobile? [Exclusive Guide]

3:38 pm March 30, 20176822

in a recent Tweet sent to Gary Illyes and John Mueller, a québécois référenceur asked this question: the store locator that appear on mobile are also impacted by the recent update on the interstitial on mobile? John Mueller responded.

what is a “store locator”?

a store locator is a system that allows a user to find the point of sale nearest my home. This kind of functionality is usually implemented by companies that have many points of sale that do not necessarily have same products, offers and store stock.

the store locator are impacted by the Google update on the interstitial?

to illustrate my question because all store locator systems not are not made in the same way, the search engine optimizer Quebecers presented this positioning system of mobile point of sale as an example:

store locator interstitiel

here’s the Store Locator concerned by the application. This is a Javascript inserted into a pop-up that fires on mobile based on the IP address of the user. The rest of the page is completely hidden.

in response to the question, John Mueller said that in this case , that strongly resembled what they consider an interstitial . He also said that in this case, Google could take into account only the content of this interstitial to position the page and not the real content of the page hidden by this store locator. John Mueller recommends so to have a store locator, which does not hide all the content of the page, a banner of reasonable size is preferred according to him.

the different responses of John Mueller are therefore consistent with the recommendations that concern the whole of the interstitial on mobile: as long as it does not mask an important part of the page, the risk of penalization is low. All the store locator is therefore no problem , only those that hide an important part of the mobile page can affect the visibility of a site.

for reminder, here’s everything you need to know about the update regarding the interstitial on mobile .

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