Apple Music launches a subscription at € 4.99 per month for students [Exclusive Guide]

7:56 pm November 30, 20167421

music streaming services have quickly replaced our CDs and cassettes in order to propose a catalogue of titles and artists unlimited broadcast on our smartphones and tablets. Apple took him also with Apple Music, available on Android, which launches a new offer at € 4.99 per month for students in order to stay ahead of the competition which should also align.

Apple Music Deezer

smartphones have revolutionised good uses and industries. For music, for example, it is now rare to own a unit dedicated to this use only, both our mobile took the step on them.

And it is in the universe of the service that the music for the most evolved, creating many streaming applications legal puncturing us a monthly subscription in order to give us unlimited access to a library of titles.

Apple is a part, and is even now on the Android Store Play with this application. It launches today a whole new subscription form , far ahead of its competitors in order to take more and more market share.

Now you can get the subscription for one person to the unlimited catalog to € 4.99 per month only if you are student ! Of course, you will need to provide some evidence before disposing of it, as your student card.

A nice offer that is sure to bring many people under its fold, Apple with branding pleasant young people. But there are strong chances that this advance does not last long, since we are sure that its competitors such as Spotify, which have not really been affected by the arrival of Apple Music , respond very quickly.

We feel however a downward price movement in this area recently. The arrival of an offer for $3.99 on Amazon’s part is definitely not for nothing, even if we have an Echo in order to enjoy it.