Apple Music could drop its subscription at € 7.99 to compete with Amazon [Exclusive Guide]

12:27 am November 4, 20168110

should not believe that by its simple name, Apple does not feel any competition… well instead. While Amazon for launched its own music streaming service to aggressive price, the American automaker could well react to this by lowering the price of its single subscription € 7.99 per month instead of € 9.99 rumor.

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The smartphone is a device powerful enough to do tons of things, it must be recognized that the uses of everyday life have not really changed over the years. We use our cell phones to socialise and have fun quickly.

And what better distraction than music? The economic model of this industry for evolved with the smartphone, and offers many music streaming services to monthly subscription to . Apple Music, only service brand deign to offer Android.

However, the service could evolve shortly, according to internal sources revealed by Digital Music News. Indeed, the personal subscription at € 9.99 per month could switch to € 7.99 per month shortly.

Why is that? Simply to meet the new music offering from Amazon, which offers a price defying any competition to €3.99 per month in addition to my assistant staff Alexa.

You guessed it: the American manufacturer could, perhaps for the first time in its history, to play the game of competition by implementing… a price war! The ever for the brand which for a tendency to justify its high price of one any way.

But I must say that it came late on the sector, far too late to be also conquering that Spotify at the present time. The fact is that if a price war starts, others might follow him to stay in the race… And this, at the expense of artists whose revenues have melted since the launch of these platforms.