Apple Music 2.0: the Android version offers a makeover full [Exclusive Guide]

11:39 pm April 5, 20179811

version 2.0 of Apple Music, the music streaming service from Apple, is now available on Android. This update brings mainly a new design, similar to that of the proposed 10 IOS version.

apple music 2.0 android

with Apple Music 2.0, the streaming of Apple platform offers a real makeover. Like on iOS, the content is now organized into different sections : library for you, Explorer, and Radio. The screen on which the track being played is displayed also resembles the iPhone / iPad, and incorporates the lyrics of the songs.

Despite the intention of Apple to compete with competitors such as Spotify or Pandora, it seems clear that Android isn’t the priority of Apple. Indeed, this new version is similar in practice to version of Apple Music available on iOS since last fall.

Whatever it is, the design of this new version is actually very nice visually, and preliminary feedback from users so far are very positive. Many bugs have been fixed, and the performance for been improved.

Apple Music 2.0: the Android version finally catching on iOS

despite the lack of attention paid by Apple to the Android app, Apple Music is growing since its launch, thanks to its status as native application on iOS. Last December, the Cupertino company for announced to have exceeded 20 million paying subscribers. According to a published recently by Verto analysts, the number of unique users would increase to more than 40 million per month if we add those who are tempted by the free trial version. On my side, in comparison, Spotify comes to cross the milestone of 50 million paying subscribers.

Concern about slightly more than the version of Android Apple Music, it seems obvious that the mark to Apple could exceed its Swedish competitor . The pioneer of the music streaming seems to fear the rise of Apple, since the latest rumors carry on the end of the free . However, this apparent detachment could be a deliberately to encourage Android users attracted by the service to fall for an iOS device. Despite all the qualities of Apple Music, it seems however unlikely that the service enough to convince a user to change to ecosystem.