Android: Important apps on the home screen set

11:04 pm November 23, 20167603

In the course of time many applications accumulate on your Android mobile device. Because you need only a handful of them in daily use, you should consider these important apps on the home screen.

because it makes sense to combine the icons of these important programs in one place.

apps on the home screen set

first you need to locate the desired icon. If it is not on one of the right or left of the homescreen, then you find in the list of all the programs, the “menu” it. This ad for a symbol in this type:

Android Symbol Menu
Android icon for the list of all apps

after selecting this icon opens up an alphabetized view of all apps installed. Tap with your finger on the desired icon and stay as long as it, until the screen toggles the visible (on tablets, the status bar will disappear above, on cell phones shrink the screen to make up additional symbols).

the thumbnail view shows the frame for each page of your home screens. Further the finger now determines the destination.

Durch Halten eines Icons im Menü aller Apps ändert sich die Anzeige so, dass Sie das Icon an die gewünschte Position schieben können.
the display changes so that you can move the icon to the desired position by holding an icon in the menu of all apps.

On the current page, you make other icons to accommodate your current selection. If you trigger on the right or left edge of the image, the page will be changed accordingly. A schema indicates where exactly the system would create the icon, when you let go.

use the main apps best the bottom bar. Because it remains fixed, even if you switch the page to the homescreen.

so you make space for new icons

many devices is free, not as much space as you need for the icons. Often, he is further restricted by automatically installed widgets as shown in the following example.

Android Tablet voller Homescreen
Android Tablet: full homescreen

Delete icons or the large widgets from the homescreen, stay longer on the unneeded object until above instead of the search bar a new button remove or click the Recycle Bin icon shows the screen.

If you drag the app icon on it, the icon is removed from the screen. The underlying app remains but further installed and accessible for example from the list of all apps.

unimportant on other side shift

Maybe you would not remove an app icon, but just on a different page move of the screen?

in this case stay longer on the icon to toggle the display and then pull it with your finger to the right or left edge. This switches on the corresponding page, where you can then place the symbol as desired.

apps removing

you realize while cleaning up that you no longer use an app, then you can they also equal to deleting, to relieve the memory of your device.

to go to the list of all apps and stay long on the icon.

now drag the icon to the top, where the Uninstall button is released and let fall the symbol on it.

Durch Ziehen eines App-Symbols aus der Liste aller Anwendungen auf den Papierkorb wird die App gelöscht.
by dragging an app icon to the Recycle Bin is deleted the app.

Android is still a short question whether you really want to remove the application and after the confirmation, the app is gone.