And the winner is… (2017 edition) [Quick Guide]

8:41 am May 12, 20176939

and the grand winner is…

by Olivier Roland

WOW dear readers, what enthusiasm! 🙂

you were hundreds to vote in 1 and 2nd round to choose those who have achieved the best video… and scores have been ULTRA tight!

but they are finally departages, and here are the results! 🙂

4th: Albane TOUGERON, of the emancipator

3rd: Marie-Cécile Baritou, blog learn how to play the piano

2nd: Violaine Gorges, of family 365 games.


drum rolls…

(le suspense est insoutenable! 😉)

1: Sandra Fernandes-Machado, of Sandra FM

congratulations to all the participants and winners! I quickly contact you for your gifts! 😉

and thank you readers for your enthusiasm!