An update of Google to boost items AMP in the SERPs? [Exclusive Guide]

3:53 pm January 31, 201714178

a very recent analysis published by RankRanger suggests that Google for updated its way back up AMP articles in Google News inserts “for a” mobile search results. What changes? What are the impacts for French publishers?

since January 26, 2017, the number of AMP results that appear in the News Box of mobile search results would explode in many countries from a very recent analysis of the RankRanger measurement tool. Here are some graphs to illustrate the trend very recently:

evolution résultats amp google us

in the United States, 30 to 40% of queries containing inserts “for a” did go up AMP items before January 26, 2017. Since that date, the percentage of applications dating AMP articles would significantly climbed to more than 70% (70.5% on January 29).

evolution amp google france

this graph presents recent developments in the presence of AMP results in Google News inserts in mobile search results. If previously, according to RankRanger, the mobile News Box did go back 10% of results AMP in France, this figure would have suddenly increased from 27 January to more than 77% on 30 January.

pourcentage resultats amp 30 janvier

this graph shows the percentage of AMP results in Google News inserts “for a” as of January 30, 2016 on completeness of analyzed queries. In France, more than 77% of the results included in these inserts were so AMP pages according to RankRanger data.

Disclaimer: RankRanger said analyze almost 100 000 applications for these data. With little visibility on their methodology, we take this data with a grain of salt.

results AMP: some numbers for France

  • now, more than 17% (17.43%) of mobile search on page 1 results contain at least one result AMP (in box Google News + WAP pages in search results)
  • more than 2% (2.28%) all natural results are now pages AMP in France
  • more than 50% (51,61%) of Google News box ‘ for a ‘ contain of results AMP

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