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you want to send with the iPhone pictures? Forward the images directly from the photos app on the mail program on your iPhone. Read here how to do it.

iPhone image send

  1. open the photos app.
  2. , tap the picture you want to send.
  3. tap links under the image on the parts icon (rectangle from the top an arrow comes out).
  4. you see the selection screen. Type mail is the icon. (If you don’t see the icon, tap once on on ).
  5. opens the mail app.
  6. give recipients, a subject, and accompanying text to the images. Tap sending
  7. .
  8. select then the size of the images should be sent.

then the email is sent and the iPhone will return to the photos app.

Tip: If you only want to show a picture, a small size for shipping is sufficient. Should the recipient post-process the image can, the sent image should be larger.

by the way: you can improve your pictures by just align them to and cropping to .

iPhone Bilder versenden - Größe festlegen
before sending the mail choose yet how large the sent pictures should be.

iPhone send multiple images

  1. open the photos app. Type photos and then select
  2. .
  3. you select the images you want to send.
  4. continue with step 3 in the section iPhone image send .

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