Adobe is about to revolutionize your selfies with incredible alterations [Exclusive Guide]

3:43 pm April 7, 20176202

Adobe focuses now on selfies, and presents a new revolutionary editing technology that will allow you to always appear at your best in your photos. The alterations he will propose in the future are incredible: lens change with fast and simple customization, it will impose a new standard.

adobe selfie

there are two grounds on which smartphones shine for the general public, two fields that are most watched by consumers: the autonomy of a device and its photo sensors. You would think that he is able to take my photos of vacancy in peace… but not necessarily.

With the advent of social networking, and particularly Snapchat and its stories , it became common for everyone to take an incredible number of selfies. But we are not always at our best with these… all this will soon change.

Adobe will revolutionize the selfie

the developer, Adobe, well known in the world of professional photography and the creators in general for its collection of powerful software, present us my latest finds destined for mobile and conscientious selfie takers:

as you can see, its researchers have developed many new powerful tools that allow after capture, to change the angle and the focal length used to apply an effect bokeh seizing, or simply choose my style by selecting another picture with artificial intelligence.

The bokeh effect after capture is not recent, the latest smartphones Huawei as the P10 integrate it Basic, but we can trust Adobe to have an above average algorithm.

In short, what completely transform a cliché missed in a work of art, and especially to shake up the market of the many applications for photo editing which abound on the Store.

For the moment, it is only a presentation of its technologies, not yet built into an application. But we look forward to having the filter ring anti, anti hangover, and “setting pretty boy + auto” for our own selfies.