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already in earlier versions of Windows with ClearType there was a technique that should improve the readability of text on the screen or Projektorvild. This color pixels are scattered specifically, through their effect the eye receives a more pleasant Visual feeling. Here, read our tips on how to use ClearType on Windows.

ClearType set

used only the choice was, ClearType completely on / off switch.

With the current Windows (since version 7) there are, however, different settings for ClearType, which you easy pleasant can find out for you.

  1. To start the program adjust ClearType text .
  2. In the first dialog, select and choose the option on .
  3. If necessary, Windows prompts even you, to fit the native resolution of your monitor.
  4. In four (Windows 7) or five (Windows 10) steps are now prompted to select each the best read from a stream of text examples.

    Cleartype einstellen
    ClearType set

  5. from your responses, the system generates the settings optimized for your viewing habits and your monitor, which then saves it.

Read here how you turn off ClearType .

Windows XP: Enable ClearType

Windows XP for a font smoothing on board. Assuming sufficient computing and graphics power, you can achieve a much more pleasing display of fonts with this font smoothing.

  1. With the right mouse button, click an empty space on your desktop.
  2. Click properties – appearance – effects
  3. you put a tick against following method to smooth edges… and select ClearType .
  4. Click on OK and again on OK .
Clear Type einschalten
Turn on clear type in Windows XP

you get used to a while to the new font. If you don’t like them, you can turn off just you, by you repeat these steps, but in step 3 remove the check mark.

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