Adfly opinion – how I earned $ 59.51 with Adfly?

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Hello! you are welcome to your blog Avis24, in this post I’ll share with you a few reliable methods for earn money with Adfly .
First of all, what is what Adfly?
Adfly is simply a shortening of links and site advertising , this is a serious, very well known site and most used online. It allows you to shorten your links to share them on any social networks, sites web, blogs or forums and win money with every click. Up to $ 5 = 1000 views.

Usually the commissions is totally depends on the quality of your traffic. If for example a visitor from the United States or Europe clicks on your link, you will earn more than if a visitor is the India or Pakistan.

site link:
– ranking site Alexa : 86
how it works?
The principle is simple:

  • you enter a link on the site. For example, “
  • you share the shortened link anywhere on the web. 

someone clicks on your link, that is, on “”. Adfly displayed an announcement to your visitor. He will see advertising for at least 5 seconds, and then will be redirects to your link that is “”.
Is Adfly a scam?
absolutely not!
why Adfly is a reliable site? :

  1. Adfly is one of the best in the world. This is one of the most visited, their ranking on Alexa is 86.
  2. it for more than 2 million registered users, which is a pluse insurance to prove that Adfly is a serious and reliable site. 
  3. the site always pays in time.

and the proofs of payment below also proves that it is reliable: Pei

payment process:
the following methods of payment are:

the payment is instantly
how to register on the site?
it is simple, just click on this link:

then click on “sign up”, enter your personal information (your name, email address and password), enter the captcha code and click join.

you will receive a confirmation link in your Inbox, click on the link and confirm your registration.

how to earn money with Adfly?
what I prefer at Adfly, is that, even if a person knows not much in terms of Blogging or on the Internet generally, it can also make money.

There are several methods and several strategies for making money with Adfly.

In this post I share with you a few reliable and profitable methods. But this does not mean that these are unique ways to earn money on the Internet.
1 Adfly and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
as don’t know, billions of people use every day on social networks. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to generate a few euros through those sites.

the principle is simple:
create a Fan page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
share books, applications or games.
try to build a target audience, get “I love”, share the content regularly, qualities etc files And don’t forget to copy your download, shortened links on Adfly.
Big audience = more clicks on your links = more revenue
2. Create a blog
another very effective method for earn money with Adfly is to create a blog or a website to download. It’s method that I have used personally, you must simply download softwares, apps for mobiles and smartphones, free books, etc. Then create your free blog and start a publish these files.
the strategy is easy: title of your attractive file, short description, link Adfly.
Then try to generate traffic to your website or blog to earn money.
Read how to generate traffic to your website for free .

3. Post your links on forums
most forums you can post links in your posts. Find something unique and quality that is going to be a trend for a few months at least (so you can win several euros during these months). Find forums related to this topic and sign up. Find something related to this topic and publish it on these forums. Continue to publish day after day. You will see your winnings increase slowly.
(Important note: SPAMEZ ever!) Or you will be banned from the forums) .
4. Adfly, CPA and affiliation
there is still a very effective method to create a list of prospects with Adfly despite the low conversion rate. And in my experience it is possible to generate a bit of money with affiliate and CPA networks through this advertising. remains one of the most popular url on Internet shorteners. A little profitable site with a nice user interface and he pays at the time.