Add text to a picture in Google Docs (watermark) [Exclusive Guide]

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we will see in this article a ‘parade’ to add text on a (sort of watermark) image in Google Docs. This may be interesting solution if you need to use a document with a page layout improved with the headers or the footer.

add text on an image under Docs

to achieve this operation we have to a use a ‘parade’ by using the function drawing (Google Drawings) integrate to Docs. Through this, we’re going in order:

  1. add an image of header,
  2. add text on the image,
  3. finally integrate it into our document.

short, truce of chatter pass to practice. 😉

insert and edit a picture on Google Docs

as already seen, we will first insert an image from drawing tool (Insertion > Dessin) . Then search our image of header and add text.

Insérer et ajouter du texte sur une image (Docs)

insert and add text on an image (Docs)

Center the image on the document

if as in my case the image is not centered correctly you can do the following to improve the display:

Améliorer la mise en page d'une image sous Docs

improve the layout of an image under Docs

change the text of the image

once we did the previous manipulations , it is still possible to change the text on the image .

for this, it’s easy, just click on the image, to change and to replace our text (ou autre) .

Modifier le texte présent sur une image (Docs)

modify the text on an image (Docs)

I hope this little tutorial on Docs will be able to be useful. 🙂

very soon!

source: Googledocs .

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