Acronis 2017: Save my smartphone Android on PC [Quick Guide]

4:45 pm November 16, 201613423

I. introduction

I present one of the novelties of Acronis True Image 2017 , I was telling you about in an article about the new features in this tutorial ( new Acronis True Image 2017 ), it is the ability to save its smartphone directly on my PC via Wi – Fi. In the 2016 version, this was not possible because only the backup on the Cloud Acronis was possible, now it is possible on a PC with Acronis True Image 2017.

Let’s see how to use this feature, IOS as well as Android, but for my part I am under Android.

As a reminder, I wrote a tutorial about backing up my mobile to the Acronis Cloud with the 2016 version .

First download and install the application on your device already: Acronis True Image for Android

II. Save your mobile on your PC

when you start the application, he must choose between the Cloud backup and local backup on your PC. Press on “ save on PC “. ”


You need to install Acronis True Image 2017 on your computer if it is not done, but I doubt it because it is used in general on a PC 🙂 press on ‘ I have a “.”


Press on “ scan the QR code ” and allow the Acronis application to use your camera. This step is necessary because it allows to create the connection between your phone and your PC.

If it works, then that your mobile and your PC is connected to the same Wi – Fi network at home, for example.


At this point, you have to scan the code that appears on the PC screen:


we then need to choose what you want to back up, the choices are identical to the version Acronis 2016. As long as to make a backup of my phone, so take it all – and also because I want to test 🙂

to select or deselect items, you must tap the gear in the top right. Then press “ access ” and you will have to validate various permissions on your device depending on what you want to backup. The goal is to allow the Acronis application to access only that she must save.


Press on “ backup ‘ to trigger the backup.


There is that wait, of course the duration of the backup depends on the quality of your Wi – Fi signal but also the volume of data to be backed up.


At the same time on your PC, you can follow the progress of the backup also:


that is, the backup is in place, you see it’s simple! You can save multiple devices on the same computer. Acronis then tells us if there is new data to back up, but they will be saved automatically when your smartphone will be able to contact your PC again, via Wi – Fi.


If one navigates through the backup, you can view its data to eventually restore:


here are some details from this feature and its use:

  • the local backup on PC and the Cloud backup cannot be configured at the same time on the application mobile , it’s either one , or the other
  • backup keeps your data may be enabled, disabled or active only during the charge of the unit (which can be good if you recharge your smartphone at night, but that the PC is turned on at that time)
  • Attention to the configuration of your smartphone, because if the WiFi turns off when he goes to sleep , the backup will be longer because of these interruptions
  • it is possible to move the backup from Acronis True Image on PC, which allow to position it on a specific partition data, because by default it is in “C:ProgramDataAcronis”…. ». By cheating a little, you can specify a network drive which is a way to send directly on the NAS, for example.