Access the data from the PC via OneDrive [Quick Guide]

6:18 pm November 4, 201610313

I. introduction

client OneDrive for Windows includes an option that allows you to browse the data in my PC directly from the interface of OneDrive online , unless your data is actually synchronized on the Cloud Microsoft. OneDrive then acts as a remote file Explorer, which may also help to recover remotely via OneDrive files that initially are not synchronized.

I realize the operation from Windows 10, but you can do it from earlier versions of Windows if you have a customer OneDrive sufficiently up-to-date.

Attention, this procedure does not work with a professional account Office 365, the option will be offered only in the options if you use a personal account.

The configuration is done in two steps: authorize the functionality in the client OneDrive of the post on which you want to access, and then to allow access to the PC from OneDrive interface via a code.

II. set up customer OneDrive

to enable the option, simply right-click on the OneDrive client in the Windows task bar, click the “settings”.


In the tab “ parameters ” turn on “ Let Me use OneDrive to recover files on this PC “.»»


Validate, and the trick for the activation of the feature.

III. allow access to your PC

visit OneDrive interface with your favorite browser, after you are authenticated if needed, on the left you should see the name of your PC, click on it.

Click on “Sign in with a security code” to get a verification code.


Microsoft will then provide you with a code to be taken as a double authentication, interest is not too open access if you came to make you hack your Microsoft account. I encourage you to keep this protection because the feature allows to explore your hard drive remotely.


As soon as the code is seized, here’s what you get:


here! The contents of my hard drive appears on the OneDrive interface! Well, now you know an extra tip with OneDrive!