A simple file transfer solution for businesses [Exclusive Guide]

12:55 am April 8, 201710422

companies deal with a lot of data with software or specific solutions internally. However it may be interesting to have a solution to enable partner companies to access data. This especially when the amount of data is important (photos, documents, desktop, etc,…).

the transfer – file .net site offers a platform for sharing of files between partners who may be very interesting for companies and/or communities. Below is a small presentation of this solution.

the features

solution file transfer offers many exciting and customizable features. Below is a partial list of the possibilities offered by the platform:

    • secure connection
    • unlimited transfer
    • historical transfers
    • bilingual Interface
    • choice of the retention period for files
    • 3 levels of users
    • alerts mail and acknowledgements

simply transfer large files.

customize the platform

the solution also lets you just customize it to your liking.

you can change the homepage to the colors of your company, get a URL of specific transfer or even customize the Organization of the interface and the access rights on folders.

simply customize the interface to your company’s image.


in short, if you are a company or a community and you look for a solution that allows you to Exchange files with clients or partners just that solution might well correspond to your need.

If you want to test the solution, you can test the solution benefit from 15 days of free trial . Thereafter, you can choose between several offers. This varying between €15 / month (0, 5 GB) €80 / month (50 GB).

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