A SEO plugin for sniper precision your strategic keywords [Quick Guide]

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WP Search Console is the first plugin SEO to reveal all the useful words to rank your page on different searches.

Hi, Fabrice gives me carte blanche to introduce yourself an educational innovation in SEO optimization contained WordPress .

For the impatient:

with my team, I created a SEO plugin that simplifies optimization of the key phrases on which you wish to rank a page.

vitesse et haute précision de sniper

Speed and precision 🙂

how does this plugin WP Search Console ?

  • For each page, the plugin will look for data from different services.
  • Google offers free its data from the Google Search Console (query, exhibition, average position, number of clicks, number of clicks).
  • When there is no info at Google for your page, Mitambo service takes over to bring suggestions
  • Mitambo analyzes your page but also all the pages of the site that connects.
  • The combination of two sources of leverage quickly dozens of pages.

For the record with WPF:

who want to know how we met with Fabrice, to back in 2012 to the launch of WPF with Penguin my kill of the former site of WPF history then called Internet training.

I’m not again you the whole story, but if we could, in a short time, help Fabrice (and I still thank him for trusting me), it was especially thanks to the precision of the information calculated by our robot .

Methods that I’m going to talk to you further down have been applied at the time for structure the architecture of the site and clarify the “ semantic perception ‘ site.

After helping to put the site on the right track, but especially thanks to consistent and regular Fabrice, editorial work a very well structured site in silos, the success of its visibility in the WordPress community, the WPFormation site for become one of the main destinations in France WordPress.

Google likes the quality of your content

to rank your pages, Google evaluates them with its criteria of quality.

Big summary: when it scans a page, it begins with the summarize a series of strategic words . When these keywords correspond to research Internet users, there going to get your page to propose it in the results.

If only the editorial quality the content of one page was sufficient, there would be a lot more happy among all publishers of web sites. And nobody would propose to SEO service.

Unfortunately, Google takes into account other elements .

In fact no fortunately … 🙂 (You’ll understand below.)

For Google only two things are basically are links and pages.

In life, there’s this:

  • you say you
  • and what others say about you .

There are your claim and reputation.

When a stranger you hear and discover your reputation; he’s going to form an opinion .

There a perception of you . Maybe good, maybe false, perhaps overrated…

And good for web pages is the same thing.

A page you wrote, it’s a little your voice: what you say .

Why should we take your Word?

Pourquoi te croire sur parole?

Hey hey 🙂

links coming to your page, it is that others of you are saying, it’s the reputation of your page.

The links are literally the reputation of your page.

Rather than believe you Word, Google is going to go listen to what others say about you .

“Yes!” «I’m the coach of the stars , I normally charge $ 10,000 the day “… and after a ride on the internets, in the end my perception falls:” you’re especially a big fraud is telling it…» “or maybe the reverse 🙂

long in the world of SEO, the attention was brought on the external links to the site .

With the famous race to backlinks : it was only them that mattered.

Yet the internal links in your site, have a critical influence .

They do reputation… but as authority of your page.

In fact, they have always had great importance… but few people wanted to hear. Since that Google out Penguin in April 2012 , after the consternation, the attention in the world of SEO soon changed.

For 2014, Google for focused on the SEO theme . To go fast, what interests Google is whether an editorial line that is developed on a site is consistent around a given topic.

In practice when you write a page… all pages within the site that connect must be on a close theme. Not only the “wording of the link” but also close enough sentences.

Overall the theme should enable to meet the different intentions of research on this topic.

all this is great news for you

Yes despite appearances, the good news is Machiavellian: because you’re both sides of the fence.

Une bonne nouvelle

Wow an excellent new!

You can control everything that happens on your site.

You can pretend be the bigger, more beautiful, more strong… and create enough links which will prove.

Whereas with backlinks it’s much more complicated to manage, because it is often other people who create them. And they are very difficult to change.

Backlinks are always important , but we’re going to especially use for the authority in the field. All the pages of your site need not receive backlinks. It is not mandatory to go to rank. It always helps, but it is not an absolute rule.

A page can therefore claim to be “ a coach of stars “… and you can create enough links on other pages of your site that will “ confirm ” that it is a good “ fantastic coach of stars “.

You can sculpt literally reputation … and perception of each of the pages of your site. That’s why I was talking about good Machiavellian News: you have more power in hand as you think.

but it’s still not easier, if?

Ah yes, I forgot… like in life real have a few fans which confirm your reputation it’s well, but to become “credible” must become an “authority” .

In other words, it must get plenty of evidence and all evidence of fans are not equal: some have more influence than others.

Even the web algorithms keep a strong vision of social classes.

For pages, it’s the same thing: the Authority (or popularity) is a strategic lever to master.

And not all links are equal. Their weight will be influenced by the authority of the page that sends them. But for quietly start , don’t take the head with it.

how to make another competitive advantage?

Here too is the second unfair advantage as you can also make this popularity into your own site.

La magie sur Internet

Magic on the Internet

your site will still need external popularity. Web is not made up of solitary Islands between which he must navigate.

But the authority of a site is more simple to make from the point where it gives off an internal authority powered by its architecture of links.

There are several techniques to create good architecture: a structure in silos , semantic cocoon, structures by facets… but they all have one thing in common: group by topic editorial pages.

If you properly develop an editorial theme : have pages in abundance on a subject and properly linking them: you will answer the interests of your visitors. And the magic will operate in the Google rankings.

the four zones of influence to control

so if I summarize: you have 4 areas to influence Google on your site . You have to learn to master if you want to “help” Google to rank your content (aka so that may believe you Word):

  1. topic “On-Page” or literally the “subject of your page”
  2. Reputation : say the links that point to your page
  3. Perception : do what claims to be the page matches the reputation
  4. authority : what is the real significance of this page (on this site and other web sites)

WP Search Console is a plugin WordPress thought to guide you towards the perfect control of these 4 strategic areas.

WPSearchConsole optimiser le sujet d'une page

WPSearchConsole optimize the topic of a page

WPSearchConsole Réputation des Liens

WPSearchConsole: Reputation of the links just by the wording of the anchors but also on the subject of the pages that send these links.

WPSearchConsole la perception sémantique d'une page

WPSearchConsole: Semantic perception of a page which is the encounter between what emerges from your page and what other pages will confirm.

you too can learn, little padawan 🙂

the magic of SEO it’s as the magic of the bike .

When you are riding on a bike, you’re thinking no action to coordinate: you look where you want to go and you go 🙂

but to learn how to ride a bike; before you have your reflexes integrated, you had to find your balance, learn to feel the movement, need more fear of falling, etc.

  • learn how to synchronize its actions
  • push on the pedals
  • discover a sense of balance
  • hold my handlebars, brake without looking at the handles,
  • look to where we want to go

In the end, your body is able to integrate a series of automatic movements : you can get back on a bike after years, and the “magic” happens always.

To learn SEO, it’s the same thing. Patience and consistency will allow you to achieve beautiful results. After you run right in front of by developing your editorial theme.

Start small and gradually you’ll get results.

If you integrate this approach in a structured editorial practice, you’ll do miracles in your niche.

Beware, I am not saying that it takes 2 to 3 months to get results.

No it can go very fast. Google now indexes content in real time… or very quickly.

If your site responds quickly to different quality criteria , the content can fly quickly.

The criteria are to have a minimum number of pages (a hundred) and manage clearly the four zones of influence SEO.

why do you think that the plugin actually helps improve visibility SEO a WordPress site?

It’s an excellent question. At the time of writing this article, 184 WordPress sites have been tested by 80 people. 60 are members of the group, deprived of support on Facebook. More or less every week we share the results obtained by different active members… (Yes, we get the results only by working my site 🙂

some examples of site

WPSearchConsole Impact du Maillage Interne sur le service SEMrush

WPSearchConsole Impact of the internal on SEMrush service mesh

on the example of the site above, having improved the quality of the signal of a number of pages, the work on the internal mesh (suggested by the plugin pages list) to literally boosted the number of keywords and queries.)

WPSearchConsole impact de l'architecture liens sur le trafic d'un site

WPSearchConsole impact of architecture links on the traffic of a site

how WP Search Console will help you in practice?

If you want to optimize your WP site?

easier is to download the plugin to activate it and then we join on the group support private FB (for active members only: address is shared as soon as you activate the plugin :-). [])

a member site (also free) offers more than 13 video tutorials to explain the different concepts and modules available in the plugin.

Instant SEO SERP Rank Checker extension is free. You can download it here on the Chrome Store .