A hull that is customized to your smartphone via RedBubble [Exclusive Guide]

1:29 am January 22, 20178959

who still used the official Apple shells for my smartphone, I recently tested RedBubble site to create a case for my iPhone that is a little less common / classic / standard. 🙂

the principle of the site is that of the graphic amateur (or professional) can offer their works for sale. Subsequently, and based on their choices, you can get the shells for smartphone, t-shirts, stickers and many other products and accessories to the effigy of the work you choose.

Financially, I don’t know the amount of the commission that the site collects from the artist. But the least we can say is that the choice is really wide and that there are things really very nice.

For this test, I opted for shell for iPhone + 7 on the topic of the Stargate franchise (which I’ve always been a fan). The product arrived fairly quickly, a little more than one working week but nothing exceptional knowing it comes from the United States.

For about €25 , you have a standard hull . While for 32 you get a shell type hat with a plastic padding inside. I opted for the second choice. Knowing that in my case, the hull was slightly less expensive than the other (many) models, about € 29. 

Anyway in the end, I’m really satisfied and I recommend this site to achieve original creations: https://www.redbubble.com/fr/ .