A Google Keyword Planner update could change everything looking for keywords! [Exclusive Guide]

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Google has just updated its tool Google Keyword Planner. So far popular SEOs for keywords analysis, this tool used both by Adwords advertisers and the SEO might have lost part of its usefulness in a very recent update.

Edit 15/09/2016: all accounts that are not active campaigns can now get accurate search volume for keywords analyzed . Google Keyword Planner now does is display intervals with a much more limited interest for SEOs. To work around this new feature, it should be to have at least one active campaign on my Google Adwords account.

Edit 10/08/2016: Google Keyword Planner would now test to curb the statistics of search volume for accounts that have no Adwords campaigns active :

mise à jour keyword planner google

the Agency Primelis has published this screenshot on Twitter showing that Google was currently testing display intervals of volumes of research and either average values by month.

all inactive accounts are currently not affected by this last test , it may on the other hand Google decides to pass this update in the coming weeks for limit the use of the Keyword Planner by SEOs who have no Adwords campaigns active .

for a few days, Google don’t look back in its tool Google Keyword Planner unique keyword search statistics, it now includes search by keywords group volume.

so if this update which was not officially announced by the search engine is clearly changing the game for of many SEOs who are used to the tool for their analyses. From now on, he no longer in fact to get search statistics on precise terms that their statistics are combined with those of other words more or less close.

franchise google keyword tool

a concrete example, in our test, Google Keyword Tool we had the volume of research combined for three words, certainly close, but which are actually quite different and reflect research and different intentions:

  • franchise ‘: this generic keyword can translate a search of definitions for the word “franchise” single (which also several possible meanings)
  • franchises » : this generic keyword can translate a search list of franchises, a directory of franchises,…
  • franchise ‘: this generic keyword results likely a search of definition for the word ‘franchise’ and not ‘franchise’

if the last word is clearly not the same meaning that the first, the combination of the 2 first could in a pinch have a sense or be understandable, even if in reality the intentions of research very important in SEO are not the same (research intentions are also very important) for writing Adwords ads).

, for these 3 keywords, which have actually not at all the same volume of research, Google shows us a search volume average monthly same 33100 based on the volume of the most wanted and adding to the latter possibilities close search volume.

if “franchise” is actually looking about 27000 times per month on average on Google but the near term set are searched to global 6100 times per month, Google will display so now 33100 monthly per month on searches ALL the terms involved, even if in reality this is all that is sought even once , and no volume to cumulate .

as evidenced by this screenshot if below, this update of the tool seems to have been made to combine the original search volume:

  • acronyms with their meaning,
  • words with close spelling (with or without accents, with or without “s” at the end),
  • bad words spelled with their well spelt version.

google keyword planner seo

what is surprising however is that very close keywords with a space and more are not grouped. This is particularly the case for “ Web marketing ” and “ web marketing ‘ who are always considered for the moment by Google as distinct queries as we can see here:

google keyword planner webmarketing

it is amazing when we see that Google combines the search volume of acronyms with their full version (the case of ‘SEO’ and ‘search engine optimization’ for example). Google forgot this case or would it more complex group than others? It is possible.

what will be the concrete impact of the Keyword Tool on the SEO and the SEO update?

this update of the tool Google Keyword Planner could have of many negative impacts on the analyses of the SEOs even if in view of our tests, all queries will be not affected. The SHIFT could thus:

  • have a negative impact on those they will target with very specific ads and advertisers using the tool to choose their keywords to target on Google Adwords. Going further, targeting in accurate to “franchise” will mean so now the advertiser will also buy the word “franchise”? This update might suggest us…
  • impact negatively SEOs who use the tool to find new keywords to target, but also to estimate the competition and traffic potential that these queries can generate to their web site.
  • impact negatively the SEO which, in the case of a new analysis of keywords, will be able to know what is the key word, which is the most sought in a bunch of keywords combined since they have all the same search volume monthly average displayed (that he must also now deduplicate in analysis)
  • impact the webmarketeurs who used to date the tool to analyze search volume and seasonality on very specific keywords. The returned statistics will now be much more uncertain and much less accurate than before .

what are the alternatives to Google Keyword Planner?

if Google Keyword Planner was so far the favorite tool of many webmasters and SEO for keywords analysis, other tools exist on the market, starting with the similar tool from Bing . If Bing Keyword Research Tool currently does not group data like Google Keyword Tool, the tool from Bing back him only 6 months of data and of course does not give access to Google search volumes. The tool is therefore confined to only searches on Bing, engine of research that is less than 3% of research conducted in France…

other free and paid tools exist also but I would not recommend because I don’t use any of them and therefore cannot judge their value.

and you, what do you think of this Google Keyword Tool updated?

your opinion is more than welcome in the comments.

a Google Keyword Planner update could change everything looking for keywords!

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